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Millions of LinkedIn passwords up for sale on the dark web

Did you change your LinkedIn password after that massive 2012 leak of millions of passwords, which were subsequently posted online and cracked within hours? 837 more words



I had an organic whole salmon in the freezer that needed to make room for bones, sausages and other porcine products and bunches and bunches of dill in the garden so last weekend I made gravadlax. 417 more words




PENGASIHAN: Menimbulkan rasa simpati yang memandang, bila bonding antara spirit dan keeper sudah kuat, insya Allaah akan banyak benefit yang keeper rasakan dari spiritnya, salah satunya: 1,147 more words


Preparing Salt Pork

Pork was one of the most common and popular meats in the 18th century. It was one of the meats that would be supplied in rations for soldiers. 1,621 more words


vLoreBlog 2016

Now that I am well settled into my new role at Rackspace and have completed writing the drafts for my chapters of the upcoming Official VCP6-DCV Cert Guide… 131 more words


Spatchcocked Roast Turkey

“Spatchcocking.” Until a short time ago I’d never even heard the word, and even now it still amuses me. “Spatchcocking.” Tee-hee. Anyways, according to the… 827 more words


What Ashley Madison got right

Amongst the hyperbole and horror of the Ashley Madison hack there is a bit of good news. OK, perhaps not exactly good news, but some more bad news that might have happened and didn’t. 1,119 more words