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Hospitality Comes in a Salt Bucket

I am no more finished with my breakfast when winter begins to fall and stick to the half frozen earth. A debate toggles back and forth in my brain, about whether it is worth the few minutes of hospitality, as I slip on my shoes, step into the cold garage, and beeline for the salt bucket. 57 more words


12000 Francs, Central, Hong Kong

Food: Brave, new dishes that marry DIY curing using European techniques – smoking, pickling, vacuuming, salting, sugaring and air-drying, with seasonal Asian ingredients. The menu changes regularly based on the availability of seasonal ingredients. 196 more words



Louisville Snow Plowing offers a professional snow and ice management service for residential and commercial clients. As a snow and ice management company, we monitor every aspect of the storm for you. 81 more words


Salting scheduled

Due to the icy conditions in areas of the subdivision, Brickman will be coming out to salt driveways and sidewalks. This should happen before 11am tomorrow morning (1/14).

Weather Update

City deploys around the clock snow removal for Saskatoon roads

The City of Saskatoon has mobilized dozens of snow removal equipment to clear the dump of snow.

Ten to 15 centimetres of snow fell overnight. 253 more words


A Salting Tale

Vegetarians you might want to look away with this one.It gets bloody!

I live in France, the land of the foodie; furthermore I live in rural foodie land where fast food means it only takes a couple of hours and twenty different apero’s to down before the dish is cooked.Here, there is still a strong tradition of bottling, pickling (self and vegetables) salting and otherwise preserving the fat of this land. 713 more words

Life In France

Yahoo! Yahoo! Ya...awn!

Why haven’t I blogged about Yahoo! already? Because it’s boring. Large company with lots of consumer personal data fails to take even barely adequate steps to protect that information. 716 more words