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Salt is salt?...Not!

Salt seems to be an ingredient we take for granted. What kind of salt do you have in your kitchen? A lot of us have forsaken “table” salt for other kinds of salt. 73 more words

Food For Thought

Snow Services Plowing Goshen, IN

Coming off some of the warmest weather of the summer makes it hard to think about snow plowing and ice control services. Here in Goshen, Indiana your snow pros are planning for a cold and snowy winter. 97 more words

Landscape Contractor

Double Your Money – Part Twenty Two

The Great Diamond Mine Scam

The California gold rush from 1848 and the Nevada silver rush of 1859 fuelled the idea that the mountains and riverbeds of the western part of the United States was full of minerals just waiting to be found. 559 more words


the ground is so flat, it's a miracle

The awful night gets bluer

until you look up and

find a purple sign explaining

the intersection of girls and

math.  It’s day and feburary, you… 65 more words

Fruits and Veggies in your food storage.

I haven’t posted in a few weeks.  Things got crazy here.  First, I tried moving my website to a self-hosted wordpress.org site so I could sell products.  1,286 more words

Food Storage

Hospitality Comes in a Salt Bucket

I am no more finished with my breakfast when winter begins to fall and stick to the half frozen earth. A debate toggles back and forth in my brain, about whether it is worth the few minutes of hospitality, as I slip on my shoes, step into the cold garage, and beeline for the salt bucket. 57 more words


12000 Francs, Central, Hong Kong

Food: Brave, new dishes that marry DIY curing using European techniques – smoking, pickling, vacuuming, salting, sugaring and air-drying, with seasonal Asian ingredients. The menu changes regularly based on the availability of seasonal ingredients. 196 more words