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Saltwater aquarium - Different kinds

As you know a saltwater aquarium looks awesome wherever it is kept, but I wanted to use this post as a reminder that there are different kinds of setups for saltwater aquariums. 184 more words

Marine Aquarium

Guppy 1

My husband and I recently decided to get involved with saltwater aquariums.  Don’t ask me why because I haven’t a clue.  We have no idea what in the heck we are doing.   144 more words

Saltwater Aquarium

Cleaner Shrimp Dies Overnight

So I stopped by my LFS yesterday, and picked up two new additions.  A beautiful hammer coral and a small cleaner shrimp.  I got home, I drip acclimated both together (no copper used), for about 30 minutes.   139 more words

Marine Aquarium

New Pictures

February 6th, 2016.

I spent a lot of time working on my tank this week.  It was actually pretty frustrating.  After watching so many of CJ’s videos, I thought I could improve my aquascape.   400 more words

RedSea Reefer 170

Hobbies: Rediscovering the Passion

Several years ago now, I went to Jamaica. It was our honeymoon vacation in a beautiful place. Seeing all the beautiful sea creatures made me want a slice of ocean in my living room back home, far north and far inland of that mesmerizing island. 720 more words


Eco-Friendly Fish Keeping Habits

Eco Aquariums

What does Eco-Friendly Mean for Saltwater Aquariums and their keepers?

The common goal for all fishkeepers and hobbyists is that we all want to be successful at keeping a Saltwater Aquarium alive. 520 more words

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