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Hobbies: Rediscovering the Passion

Several years ago now, I went to Jamaica. It was our honeymoon vacation in a beautiful place. Seeing all the beautiful sea creatures made me want a slice of ocean in my living room back home, far north and far inland of that mesmerizing island. 720 more words


Eco-Friendly Fish Keeping Habits

Eco Aquariums

What does Eco-Friendly Mean for Saltwater Aquariums and their keepers?

The common goal for all fishkeepers and hobbyists is that we all want to be successful at keeping a Saltwater Aquarium alive. 520 more words

Community Fish Tank

Our clients LOVE @thereefdr's living #reef display #saltwater #aquarium in our #nashville reception area.

Our client The Reef Doctor recently installed a living reef saltwater display tank in our reception area.  All of our clients LOVE watching the fish and corals move.   87 more words


Day 7 -- Parameter Check


We’re testing water here today, and playing around with Mr. B’s fancy-schmancy camera.

Today’s results:

  • Specific gravity: 1.026
  • Salinity: 35
  • Ammonia: 3
  • Nitrates: at least 5…
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Reef Tank

White Spot

Ichthyophthirius multifiliis,

Ornamental Fishkeeping dates back at least 50 Years or so. No longer is it necessary to heat tropical aquariums with candles instead the equipment now has provided aeration and filtration. 721 more words


Our classroom aquarium is reborn!

It’s been a while of limping along in a nano, but we’re finally back in business with a 40 gallon. Glass, with two programmable LED lights. 511 more words

Saltwater Aquarium