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Welcome to My Reef Blog - setting up my tank 

Hi all! And welcome to my reef blog. We have had our saltwater aquarium for 38 days and so far it’s been an adventure and huge learning experience. 307 more words


Keeping Aquariums While In The Military

Military reefkeeping, is it possible? As aquarists we all know how much time and devotion goes into our prized tanks – can you imagine putting the hobby on hold while you go on deployment for any amount of time?


Gelo's Pride and Joy

Gelo has been into reef keeping for more than six years now. He started his first marine aquarium back in the Philippines after he received a tank set-up as a Christmas gift. 78 more words


Tips for keeping a shark in fish tank at home

How straightforward is keeping a shark in a fish tank at home? Well, even though not all that difficult, you should know some tricks of the trade, like which variety should one go for and what size of the tank. 233 more words


Drilled My First Tank Ever, It’s Ready To Be Plumbed!

Had my 29g tank drilled so now I just need to paint the back black and add some hardware to plumb this baby! Then I’ll adhere the overflow box, add water, and do a test run!


Saltwater aquarium - Different kinds

As you know a saltwater aquarium looks awesome wherever it is kept, but I wanted to use this post as a reminder that there are different kinds of setups for saltwater aquariums. 184 more words

Saltwater Aquarium

Guppy 1

My husband and I recently decided to get involved with saltwater aquariums.  Don’t ask me why because I haven’t a clue.  We have no idea what in the heck we are doing.   144 more words

Saltwater Aquarium