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The Saltwater Crocodile

This is a 16 foot salt water crocodile. Several people asked me how in the hell did I get this shot? I found him in a wildlife park in Kuranda, Australia. 193 more words

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Crocodiles and Cane Toads

You can see them from a helicopter: the white, bloated bellies of dead crocodiles, limply floating down the Victoria River. Australian freshwater crocodiles live hard lives, and most hatchlings are quickly eaten by fish, herons, frogs, turtles, or adult crocodiles. 1,487 more words


29 November 1840 - Arabs with birds

Sunday, November 29th

It was a very muggy day; nearing the evening it resulted in a heavy storm of rain, accompanied by thunder, lighting, and wind. 168 more words

Journal Entry

28 November 1840 - A dreadful menace

Saturday, November 28th

It was extremely warm last night. I hardly had a moment of actual sleep. Firstly because of the Lichen Tropicus… 292 more words

Journal Entry

Wetlands Sunset Cruise

Missing the serene surroundings of Mulu already, it didn’t take long before I was booked onto a sunset cruise showing the best of what Santubong National Wetlands Park has to offer – including the various wildlife which inhabits the mangroves in the area. 416 more words