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Photo: Underwater Giant Trevally in the Seychelles

When Cpt Jack (Jako Lucas) gets back from the Seychelles, it’s a fly fishing media storm! In a great underwater shot, Jako features the primary target of a trip to the Seychelles: a giant trevally. 215 more words



remenising the days of fishing 2 years ago.

Hands itching to get back on the water.

#throwback #rompin #sailfish #malaysia


Video: Fly Fishing for Queenfish in Dubai

Jeff Currier just went to Dubai and was able to get after queenfish on the fly. Epic!

“Fly fishing for queenfish in the middle of Dubai with Jeff Currier and Ocean Active Fly. 43 more words


What's live rock?

Live rock is porous rock from the ocean, commonly used as both decoration and as filtration in marine aquaria. It’s called “live” because it often carries hitchhiker organisms such as encrusting algae, sponges and worms, but perhaps most importantly, is home to the beneficial bacteria we need to… 659 more words


Fly Fishing Film Downloads Now Available from Beattie Outdoor Productions

The masterful fly fishing film work of RA Beattie and Beattie Outdoor Productions is even now more accessible, as some of these films have become available as downloads. 38 more words


Barnacle Art

Living on salt water as we do, barnacles are a fact of life, but we don’t generally get too excited about them. 209 more words