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Conor Oberst - A Little Uncanny

My mind is absolutely blown by the understated genius of this guy. It’s like Al Stewart, Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan had a lyrical lovechild. I think I had only ever heard one other song by him, but since hearing this yesterday, I have tapped his YouTube playlist like a Vermont Maple tree, sucking the marrow out of these songs. 586 more words

Review: Conor Oberst - Salutations

Ah Conor Oberst. Feels like it was just the other day that I was writing about him…

Oh wait, that’s because he only released the album… 956 more words



Too Late To Fixate

Gossamer Thin


Conor Oberst

Fifteen Fun & Friendly Phrases

Silly salutations:

  1. See ya later, alligator!
  2. After awhile, crocodile!
  3. What’s the dope, antelope?
  4. Hello there, honey bear!
  5. How are you, kangaroo?
  6. What’s up, buttercup?
  7. What’s the word, hummingbird?
  8. 61 more words

Scarlett Dahlia: Salutations by Jesse Orr


Hot and oppressive, the sun beat down like a blanket, heating the humid air to a thickness that was almost palpable. Through the haze of heat hanging over the patched blacktop, a small red car materialized. 1,393 more words


Conor Oberst: Salutations (2017) - Album Review

I’m such a fan of Conor Oberst’s alternately acid/alkali lyrics (scourging his enemies or scouring his own thoughts) that I enjoyed last year’s solo acoustic set… 268 more words

Conor Oberst - Salutations

It’s always hard for me to write about Conor Oberst albums because he’s my favorite songwriter (probably my personal GOAT). I’ve liked every single album (song, really) he’s ever released. 409 more words