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Hello world!

This is my very first post. Well, this was a required example. My very first post are the ethical behaviors that journalists should observe. There are a lot, but those were the basics. Happy reading!! =))


The Salutation Dilemma

June 24, 2015:  Barry Cauchon

Uggg.  There is nothing worse than the office greeting card salutation request.  Someone walks into your office and has a greeting card for Betty who is retiring this week.  304 more words


Salutations, people!

This is my first ever post on this blog. I’m guessing an introduction to myself would be a good place to start, huh? Well. I’m Megan and I am currently 17 years of age. 204 more words


Good afternoon

Have a good afternoon!! Hope your month of June is going well. Hope you are having a good week everyone!!


The Spectator

This is a personal experiment on a public platform, a training ground for someone who generally prefers to stay hidden.  I can’t tell you what to expect because I don’t know myself.  59 more words

Call Me Pale Azure

Neon Blood, Space Demons, and a Genetically-Engineered Berserker

Buon Giorno and Hello! Maybe it’s not the morning for you yet, but dammit it is for me! You will love this story. It has lasers, comedy, sick fight scenes, and a character more mysterious than Al Pacino’s long lost clone. 72 more words


Hello to thee!

I just wanted to say hello to the 7 people that have chosen to follow my blog posts. I appriciate that you like what I have been posting enough (even if just enough) that you have chosen to follow me. 74 more words