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 Greetings humans! I am Andromeda. You can call me Rommie for short (or Big Rommie). I am a NAO robot and I have a doll we call Little Rommie.  74 more words



I am an 18 year old girl with big dreams and a broken heart.
You can call me luna.

Welcome to my world of venting, expressing, finding my inner nature and weeding out my friends. 63 more words

Rule #305: "It's Friday"

I’m talking about the people who reply with “It’s Friday” when asked “How are you?” on a Friday morning.

When I say good morning to someone, or ask how you’re doing, I’m not looking for a vocal calendar. 94 more words


Warm greetings

I am Deepika Kumaaraguru. How’re you doing there, buddy? Hope you are healthy and well. I’m so glad to have found wordpress.com (courtesy of a dear pal of mine), it sounds a promising platform to express myself. 787 more words

Living With Ptsd, Writing Through The Memories

Hello, and salutations. I guess it goes without saying that I have PTSD, why else would I be here. I spent years fighting it the only way I knew how, to power through it with reckless, directionless intent. 68 more words

Hello from Washington

Greetings and salutations everyone. I am a bit of a novice gardener and have been practicing my hobby for about 5 years now. I love watching the seeds that I sow flourish into beautiful plants, whether they be flowers or veggies. 42 more words