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Hey you! What's this blog about?

Hello and welcome to lisa.m, a blog I have created to display everything that comes to my mind! One key thing you need to realise when scrolling through this blog is that I am either utterly obsessed with something or not interested in the slightest. 291 more words


Microsoft Launches New 'Send' App for Incredibly Simple E-mail Conversations

On Wednesday, Microsoft has released a new application in the App Store that the company is calling ‘Send.’

The application is focused around e-mailing, and it’s somewhat of a hybrid between e-mailing and instant messaging. 67 more words

Hello world!

Let’s face it,  dealing with the weight gain/ loss roller coaster we all experience in life sucks– you eat junk then hate yourself, you go on a crazy diet to counter the weight gain and then just binge again; it’s awful. 147 more words


Explaining my trademark goodbye, "Please, have a wonderful day"

Hello World,

Maybe a year ago, I read an article on Buzzfeed about analyzing what salutations at the end of emails really mean. It was a joke, but it presented me with a challenge. 227 more words


Hello world!

Hello Interwebs,

My name is Jillian. I come from the Land of The Midwest. It is bountiful in corn, corn and more corn.

I have had several blogs before in the past and all of them crashed and burned after a couple of weeks. 74 more words



If I had a quarter for every time I wanted something at the moment that would be great but in the long run would turn to shit, I’d be rich. 1,002 more words


Writing Trends: Salutations

Just like fashion, writing and grammar have their own trends. Various rules come and go and we want to keep you informed of these changes so we are always submitting the best RFI responses possible. 656 more words