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Raising expectations for design

Six-time winner of New Zealand’s most beautiful city, Rotorua has set out a plan for sustainable economic growth.

Not just growth, sustainable growth. Over the past six decades, we’ve seen the consequences of growth for growth’s sake, without concern for economic and social sustainability. 319 more words

Cause Health

Quartz: healthy product datasets for BIM?

When we know what our buildings are made of, we can make informed choices by selecting materials that are healthier for occupants and have a lesser impact on our environment*

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Art that causes health

We have explained how the Cause Health movement is focused on health assets rather than health deficits. The creation of thoughtfully developed and integrated artwork is a tangible celebration of this salutogenic point of view. 400 more words

Design For Health

Big Art done right in Detroit

It’s obvious that Dan Gilbert is getting excellent advice as he invests in public space interventions that are defining the New Detroit in major ways. 162 more words

Cause Health

Today's public seating reveals a salutogenic shift

This photo essay is about the role of public seating in places that nurture human relationships and actively contribute to a healthy state of mind. 113 more words

Cause Health

New Article about Creating Health Published

With my colleagues, our new article, Adapting and Using Quality Management Methods to Improve Health Promotion, has been published. You can access the journal article  242 more words


The over-professionalisation of health

Learning humility

A poem by Heather-Lynne Henry

Mine is the open heart that sits with hers

Fixing upon her whilst she stutters her thoughts

The fear of judgement casts shadows on her  brows… 865 more words