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17 March 18: Rey De Oros/King of Coins

You have achieved much, sire. Yes he has. What a fun card to read in the Dali deck. Of course, Salvador portrays himself as this King, comfortably resting back on an ornate, heavy Spanish chair carved from dark wood, with red velvet cushions and rich gold fringe. 455 more words


~~ 1972 Rothschild Illuminati “Surrealist Ball” ~~


1972 Rothschild Illuminati “Surrealist Ball”

• December 12, 1972  – Marie-Hélène de Rothschild “Surrealist Ball” – Château de Ferrières

• Requirements: “Black tie, long dresses and surrealists heads”

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16 March 18: The Devil

No sympathy here.  Nope. Not from me, not today. Yesterday I broke out a Salvador Dali deck I’ve had for many years, and never could relate to, although I’ve been a fan since I was in elementary school. 690 more words


Persistence & Disintegration


All I remember persists.

To forget, I snap my wrists.

To dream, I close my eyes –

To bathe in surrealist lies.

All say the silliest things. 164 more words

Spain - Barcelona

You hear many things about Barcelona.
“Everyone takes a siesta”, “Beware the pick-pockets!”, “All the locals call it Barthelona!”

Only one way to find out. 359 more words


Please Disturb

ART should be challenging. ART should be disturbing. ART is not safe nor should it always be comforting.

ART should be asking YOU, the viewer, difficult questions that may result in surprising answers. 95 more words