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“There are some days when I think I’m going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.” Salvador Dali


10 Ivory Carvings & Sculpture from the Bible! 15 & 16th Century. With Footnote, # 13

Maria lactans, c. mid-15th century, France


Height: 17 cm

Private collection

The Nursing Madonna, Virgo Lactans, or Madonna Lactans, is an iconography of the Madonna and Child in which the Virgin Mary is shown breastfeeding the infant Jesus. 1,424 more words


Return to the Salvador Dimension

By David Michael Newstead.

A short story based on paintings by Salvador Dali. Read Part One.

Sometimes in my dreams, I still saw that strange place. 905 more words


7 Deadly Really Short Animated Short Films

The Wolfman‘ (1999)

By Tim Hope

Vincent‘ (1982)

By Tim Burton

Who I Am And What I Want‘ (2005) 32 more words


The Corvidae Cabal has been gestating since 2008. A previous version of the site existed quietly for a couple of years back then. Some of those old posts may resurface here, but that incarnation never quite found a footing. 260 more words

Comparative Otherness

Your School Was Not My Playground

I had scarcely passed my twelfth birthday when I entered the inhospitable regions of examinations, through which for the next couple of years I was destined to journey.   188 more words

Chronicles Of Anna


Shallows, storms, shadows,

Swollen sense of self swallowed…

Seeds sown of sorrow 16 more words