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L'Age D'or (1930)

As before, I feel a short warning is necessary to precede L’Age D’or, but as I am at a loss, I will instead use an excerpt from Robert Short’s excellent commentary – 1,165 more words


More Dissertation Notes - Salvador Dali and Jean Francois Millet

Let’s talk Dali! This painting has a crazy long title so I shall reduce it to ‘Dali, Nude, in Contemplation… the Visage of Gala’. I won’t go too in depth about this painting for now, just the bit I find most interesting, which is the dog at the bottom right. 325 more words

Subject Year 2

A Fine Moustache

There can’t be a more famous exuberant moustache, surely?

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Objective Chance and the Surrealist Object

A change of philosophy occurred in Surrealism around 1926.
From believing that automatism and objectivity could free the inner substance of men, Surrealists started to anchor this belief onto inner desires. 1,690 more words



What Disney and Dali have done here, so early, is create a masterpiece that lends to new animation and modern art without boundaries.


Dalí és una icona persistent: una mostra a l’Espai Santa Caterina de Girona i la Biennal de Venècia d’enguany així ho palesen.

Davant per davant de l’entrada principal del Teatre Museu Dalí de Figueres, una cita de l’inabastable Francesc Pujols (inscrita a la làpida de l’escultura que li va dedicar el «geni» empordanès) proclama, no se sap ben bé si amb solemnitat pomposa o sornegueria (tractant-se de Pujols, deu ser una barreja de les dues) quelcom tan improbable com ara que «El pensament català rebrota sempre i sobreviu als seus il·lusos enterradors». 549 more words

Noms I Llocs De L’art A Girona

Gala Dali's Pubol: the Castle, the Home, the Grave

By Irina

Of course, we would like to visit all the museums of the world associated with the name of the most extravagant of Spaniards, but a more realistic option would be to see Salvador Dali’s museums at least in his native Spain. 1,674 more words

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