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Ready, Set

I’ve been gathering materials for weeks. A swift bike ride to Building Resources, yet one more salvage yard, yielded the final pieces needed to begin: a little more copper scrap to add to that my mother gave me (thanks, MOM!) and a few pieces of iron to add to my rusty pan. 398 more words


One Woman’s Crap…

…is another woman’s treasure:

More sweet threads. These are some of my favorite shades, and two of them are silk. They were Not To Be Resisted. 180 more words


The Attraction of Opposites

**I know my blog looks weird right now. WordPress is experiencing technical difficulties, I understand. We hope all affected blogs are back to normal soon.** 408 more words



I’m housesitting for a friend in Oakland, and it’s heavenly. Each time I do this, I look forward to the luxuries of her home:

When I’m here, I… 438 more words


Let's Play Chop Shop High-Low!!!

Roughly one week ago today, Rebekah wrecked her car. A few days later, we found out her beloved Mazda 3 was toast. So today’s the day we find out how much the chop shop is willing to pay for what’s left of Rebekah’s 2007, 195,000 mile, Mazda 3. 158 more words