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Pass It On

Our salvage yard visit was punctuated with wreckage, rust, and plenty of abandoned items.  It was haunting to see a crumpled car with a sweatshirt wadded up in the backseat and a delicately beaded necklace still dangling from the rear view mirror.   326 more words


Ready, Set

I’ve been gathering materials for weeks. A swift bike ride to Building Resources, yet one more salvage yard, yielded the final pieces needed to begin: a little more copper scrap to add to that my mother gave me (thanks, MOM!) and a few pieces of iron to add to my rusty pan. 398 more words


One Woman’s Crap…

…is another woman’s treasure:

More sweet threads. These are some of my favorite shades, and two of them are silk. They were Not To Be Resisted. 180 more words


The Attraction of Opposites

**I know my blog looks weird right now. WordPress is experiencing technical difficulties, I understand. We hope all affected blogs are back to normal soon.** 408 more words



I’m housesitting for a friend in Oakland, and it’s heavenly. Each time I do this, I look forward to the luxuries of her home:

When I’m here, I… 438 more words