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“Do not be discouraged.  You… not have the power to relieve yourself of sorrow or grief or pain.  But Our Lord did on the Cross. He could have turned the crown of thorns into a garland of rosebuds…He was tempted to shorten His agony, as those at the foot of the Cross taunted …But He did not come down. 

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Child Abuse

The Mystery of Iniquity and the Mystery of Godliness

I am writing tonight from the beautiful Tampa Bay area.

The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan has two mysteries –the mystery of iniquity and the mystery of Godliness. 1,292 more words

William Earnhardt

How Are We To Find Salvation?

Isn’t that our primary spiritual concern? That is, we want to reach a ‘state of heart / spirit’ that guarantees our best life on Earth, as well as opening the gates for our heavenly arrival. 1,124 more words

Love Of God

Doctrines of Demons

Paul warns in I Timothy 4 that in the latter days men will depart from “the faith” by giving heed to deceiving spirits and “doctrines of demons.”  Lest we be deceived, we need to be on our guard. 360 more words


Grace: God's Empowering Presence

Recently I heard an excellent Bible teacher present a seminar on grace.  During the course of this seminar, he made several statements that truly arrested me.  1,408 more words

Trogo: Something To Chew On


I was determined to live my life by my rules and not allow any “God on vacation” say otherwise.

My disconnection from the “source” of life’s meaning was complete; I was finished with the question of “What is the point of life without a God?” 377 more words

Christian Life