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Episode 25 – Ephesians

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So glad to be back after some time away. I didn’t expect to be gone quite so long, but life is full of surprises. 1,696 more words

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CERN Update: Is It Ready to Blow? More Importantly, Are You Ready to Go?

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

People who understand the physics behind the Large Hadron Collider humming away at CERN (the famed particle physics lab in a suburb of Geneva, Switzerland) and who track events there, believe workers now have what they need to blow the hole through what separates our dimension in time and space from another one. 503 more words

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Fighting demons with God's love

Dear friends,

It’s been a long time since I made a post online but today’s article was too important not to share. There are many followers of Jesus who are engaged in spiritual struggle with the enemies of their souls, Satan and his evil hordes. 1,439 more words

Jesus Christ

Just a Thought

The grace of God and the works of men are mutually exclusive. If we are saved by Grace, we do not need works. If we are saved by works, we do not need grace.


From Russia with Hope--a Nabokov Christmas Gift (redux)

I have noticed of late more than the usual amount of “views” to my blog from Russia. God bless viewers from that corner of the world. 655 more words

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Why it Had to be Grace

I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten about the mustard stain. As usual I’d thrown on yesterday’s jeans conveniently lying on the floor, black belt already threaded, in hopes of reaching Mr. 952 more words


THE CULTS, Grace and Works by Craig Branch

A common question is “what makes a group a cult?” Of course one must consider deceptive, destructive practices and other deviations from orthodoxy, but the fundamental and fatal departure defining a cult is to err on the Person and… 932 more words