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On ”Lording” Over Women: Does Genesis 3:16 Override John 3:16? And What of The Great Commission?

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila


I am prompted to post this commentary today because of what has been exposed about the teachings promulgated by those involved in a neo-patriarchal belief system wherein men are presumed to be “kings, priests, and prophets” in the home and women are believed subservient in all matters to their fathers’ and husbands’ “lordship.” [1] 1,644 more words

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Zeal Plus Knowledge

It can be easy to be led astray by people’s passion and sincerity. When we see people who have a lot of zeal for their faith and their religion, we naturally want to applaud that kind of heartfelt devotion. 637 more words


Ant Man, Trust & Track Records

As I write this, I am a few hours away from going to see Marvel’s Ant Man with my two boys. It occurs to me that though I find the premise of the film ridiculous, I’m looking forward to watching it. 412 more words


Don't Scare the Hell Out of People, Love the Hell Out of Them

Many Christians are concerned about loved one’s who don’t embrace their faith (or particular brand of Christianity). Some are fearful that if their spouse, child, or friend doesn’t “get saved” that they might suffer an untimely death and go to hell. 200 more words


Becoming a Holy Fool!

Western Christians seem hell-bent on saving themselves by intellectual work, by having the right beliefs or the correct interpretation of the Bible. Our culture indoctrinates us with the lordship of the rational mind that constantly organizes, categorizes, and analyzes in order to figure things out. 676 more words


Awards season


As the school year nears its close, schools begin to reward students for their academic achievements. And they should rightly celebrate the hard work and effort put in by students, especially those who will be rewarded with graduation diplomas. 283 more words


On Our Abel and Our Cain Offerings

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

According to the narrative in Genesis chapter 4:1-15, it is said of Abel that his “thank offering” was pleasing to the Lord. 2,697 more words

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