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Our Holy Conspiracy & the End of the World — 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time—Year B

A new liturgical Church year will begin in a couple of weeks with the first Sunday of Advent. As this Church year ends, our Mass readings (like today’s Sunday readings) focus on the Last Things and the end of the world as we know it. 1,645 more words


Book Review - R Rodriguez, If You Call Yourself a Jew: Reappraising Paul’s Letter to the Romans

  • Link: Amazon
  • Length: 404
  • Difficulty: Heavy-Academic
  • Topic: Biblical, Romans
  • Audience: Academics

I accidentally read a while commentary on Romans. I got it in the first case because it joined two elements I’m interested in. 2,238 more words


Psalm 106: Parallel Histories of God’s Steadfast Love

As a Star Trek fan from back when there was only the one version, I’m familiar with the concept of parallel universes. In these parallel universes, the people are similar but living different lives, having made different choices. 467 more words


Psalm 105: Selective Memories! Blessed Forgetfulness!

When it comes to memories, we all have selective ones at times. Memories can change over the course of a lifetime. What we remember at one time, we may forget another. 601 more words


Book Review - M Bird, A Bird's-Eye View of Paul

  • Link: Amazon
  • Length: 171
  • Difficulty: Academic, Easy, Popular
  • Topic: Theology, Paul
  • Audience: Mainstream Christians

In his own words Mike says;

“This book is meant as an introduction to the apostle Paul for laypersons and undergraduate students and as a refresher for pastors and ministers.

940 more words

Mary, Sacrifice and Motherhood

Last night I had the fright of my life. It was late when I woke up and decided to check on my youngest daughter, just ten months old, in her cot which is beside our bed. 1,247 more words

Book Review - GA Anderson, Sin: A History

  • Link: Amazon
  • Length: 202
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Topic: Biblical, Sin
  • Audience: Lay ministers, Protestants

I read this book a couple years ago and it has left a lasting impression on me. 448 more words