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Last Epiphany Sermon - Moses Liberates the People from the Highlighter of My Wonky Friend

In the name of the F, S, and HS. Amen.
Have you ever had your mind blown on a certain subject such that it alters your life and studies forever? 2,106 more words

Story Time With Father

Epiphany 5 Sermon - Joseph's "Revenge"

In the name of the F, S, and HS. Amen.

As a society, we love vengeance. We love movies where Liam Neeson uses his dark, scary, wrath-of-God voice, and then goes out and rescues what has been taken from him and kills everyone in the way. 1,854 more words

St. Paul's Gainesville

Candlemas: A Feast of Light, Hope and Memory

Today is the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, where we remember the presentation of the Holy Child at the Temple in Jerusalem, performed forty days after His birth – this completed Mary’s ritual purification after childbirth and redeemed the first-born son, so that the Mosaic Law could be observed (c.f.; … 1,492 more words


Epiphany 4 - The Brat That Grew Up

In the name of the F, S, and HS. Amen.
Being the oldest child is awesome. There are so many things that you get to get away with simply because you are your parents’ guinea pig—things that the next child gets caught because the parents are now aware of. 2,510 more words

St. Paul's Gainesville

How Can We Repay God? - Basil of Caesarea

What words can adequately describe God’s gifts? They are so many that they cannot be numbered. They are so great that any one of them demands our total gratitude in response.

539 more words

Epiphany 3 Sermon - The Redemption of Jacob

In the name of the F, S, and HS. Amen.
How long does it take to redeem a man? How long does it take for him to realize his redemption? 1,498 more words

Epiphany 2 Sermon – Jacob the Trickster Learns His Lesson

In the name of the F, S, and HS. Amen.
Two young lovers are asleep together the day after their wedding. The new husband opens his eyes to greet the day, his first day as a married man. 2,253 more words