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What if Jerusalem were in Western Wisconsin?

(Not all will personally resonate with the reference city
chosen for this reflection, but I share this article because
its device and style may be fruitfully employed by others.)
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God's Temple-Presence

The Bible is a huge book. Let’s be honest. Lots of different writers, lots of different languages, cultures, time-periods, and genres. Have those facts ever made you wonder if there is one story to this massive book? 520 more words

Replacement theology or inclusion theology?

Sam Storms:

I was recently asked by a member at Bridgeway if I believe in what is called “replacement” theology. Although this is a massively complex subject, I tried to provide a brief answer. 1,080 more words

Sam Storms

The Psalm of The Lakes

This is the message I preached at Lakes Entrance on Sunday 13th August 2017, the tenth Sunday of Pentecost.

Psalm 105:1-6, 16-22; Romans 10:5-15

Last week I spoke to you something of the call to preaching, and how it’s more than just making your own sense of the Bible and then speaking about it from the front. 1,474 more words

God's Overarching Plan of Salvation History in 14 Books of the Bible

The “big picture plan” of God’s loving plan for men is Salvation History. Within the Bible’s library of 73 books, God reveals His overarching plan of Salvation History in 14 narrative books ( 41 more words

The Bible

​The Sign of the Cross

Yesterday at mass, the priest tried to relate the custom of making the sign of the cross to the feast of the Blessed Holy Trinity to his homily. 1,058 more words


What Does it Mean to be Saved?

All are Redeemed, but not all are Saved

    “Never was there a worse sinner, and never was God kinder to one,” remarks the fictional character J. 2,224 more words

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