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Socks and Salves

This weekend I kept busy with two home-making projects: finishing my socks and attempting my first salve.

I found a recipe for a Dandelion Salve, since our lawn is just teaming with Dandelions. 133 more words


Creative Passions

Back in junior high, Nikki and I created drama. In high school band, we created music (and still, drama). We’ve put a lot of years and miles between those energetic girls and the women we’ve become, but we both still manage to create. 649 more words

Salve recipe for wounds and rashes

Now that the basics of how balms and salves differ have been covered, and how to create a basic salve recipe, we can dig into a variety of different salve recipes. 190 more words


Basic Salve Recipe: Herbal Remedies 101

Now that the basics of how balms and salves differ have been covered, we can dig into creating these wonderful, healing items. First, I would like to cover how to make a very basic salve. 496 more words


What is a Stillroom?

  Stillrooms  originated in the 16th Century European great houses.  These were rooms often off the kitchen that contained a still that was used to distill the essences of plants for various household preparations. 8 more words

Balms vs Salves: Herbal Remedies 101

I think it’s important to explain some of the basic recipes you can make in herbology, and today we’ll explore the differences and similarities between balms and salves. 215 more words


Chapter 59: Battle in the night (Part 2)

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While the others were out searching for Illsy in the dead of night, I remained at the inn, waiting for him in our room.

1,795 more words
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