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Fall Harvest

As I finish cleaning out the garden, I thank the wonderful summer days that gifted us with such a wonderful bounty. I have harvested rosemary, sage, basil and calendula flowers for herbal oils to start making my winter Remedies. 13 more words

The Best Way to Make Healing Salves

Dear followers, I have read and tried SO many ways of DIY-beauty things…and made SO many messes and eipc fails.

I have FINALLY found the best way to make healing salves!! 569 more words


Stop Destroying Your Liver With Tylenol And Find Relief In This Natural Pain Salve Instead

This pain salve can help relieve and repair muscle, ligament, and bone injuries that are all too common amongst surfers. Of course you don’t have to live in walking distance to a beach to injure any of these areas of your body; even minor, yoga-related aches and pains may be nipped in the bud when treated with this ointment. 65 more words


ClearCut Beeswax Alchemy How to Make Your Own Soap

Economy: beeswax is the most economical candle wax! When kept out of drafts, beeswax candles are smokeless, dripless and burn up to five times longer than paraffin candles. 284 more words

Rosemary Gladstars Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health 175 Teas

What is a necessary Oil?Crucial natural oils usually are normal savoury chemical substances within the actual vegetables, start barking, stems, sources, plants, along with aspects of crops. 280 more words

Making a Salve

Making a salve isn’t as hard as you might think! What takes the longest is infusing your favorite herbs in oil. The way I like to infuse my herbs is by solar infusion. 389 more words

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Calendula Seedlings

Calendula is a lovely full headed flower used in salves, soap, lotions, creams, mouthwashes and teas . The leaves are also used for it’s medicinal properties in helping heal wounds and a skin soothing botanical. 129 more words

Herbal Teas