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home of mozart and the sound of music

After our trip to Lake Königssee, we hit the road for Salzburg. With a few more hours before I had to catch the train from Salzburg back to Vienna, we thought we would walk around and get to know the city a bit. 29 more words

Praha, Regensburg

It’s got to the point now where I can count the number of days I have left in Salzburg on my fingers. It’s strange to think that very soon I’ll be leaving the city I now consider my home, and you could argue that all the activity and travelling I’m doing this month is a sort of preparation for ultimately not living here any more. 1,707 more words

Schnitzels, Strudels, and Salzburg: A Spontaneous Day Trip

Salzburg is the home of Mozart and the Sound of Music. It lived up to its historic name and definitely did not disappoint. As my family came to Germany to visit we decided to take a spontaneous day trip to Salzburg, Austria. 359 more words



I was in Austria for a few days this past week, getting my Vans shin-deep in snow (I was unprepared, story another time if I could be bothered) and laughing my abs into existence because I am perpetually surrounded by hilarious people. 217 more words