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Whistle Stop Tour: Salzburg, Austria

Confession time: I only went to Salzburg because it was where the Sound of Music was based and filmed.

I was raised on the Sound of Music. 814 more words


another ballerina photoshoot

Hi my dearest followers!
Oooops I did it again – this time we went to Salzburg, Austria.
Unfortunately Lisa was still recovering from an accident, so we were a bit “movement-restricted”… nevertheless GREAT JOB! 31 more words

New on 500px : when the lights go down by DeSelby

venus and moon deep in the west

10 RAW-pano showing the splendid mood i could enjoy on the postalm

best on black background!

have a great weekend and may the light be with you… 6 more words

Real Estate And Mortgage

Sunrises & Mountains

2 months and 3 days

Is two months a lot of time? Too much time?

When you get to do something new, and/or something you know you can’t do as often, what do you want to do? 192 more words

Babymoon! pt 1

Hallo Zusammen! Now that it is clear by just looking at me that we are having a baby (or a large bowling ball),

the most frequently given advice I get from people is “(I) better sleep now, because (I) never will again!!!” And while I know this comment comes with good intentions, the 20th time hearing it wakens that snarky sarcastic side of me that just loves to be let out to play.   972 more words