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XI : Winchester Brothers Report "What do you mean, killer bunny?"

A wise man once said, “And apparently, clowns kill.”
Sam was right in “Everybody Loves a Clown”, and he is right again 9 years later. In “Plush”, the monster’s not a rakshasa, but it share a few similarities with it : a focus on children, and disturbing face disguises. 1,678 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

SUPERNATURAL: The Darkness has a Brother

S11E6 “Our Little World” And you would never guess who it was. Well, I wouldn’t, anyway. I was totally surprised. I shouldn’t have been, given the recurring themes of family and siblings in the show, but I was.   23 more words


Supernatural - A classic episode for a classic car

I usually shy away from writing about individual episodes of my favourite shows as if I did I would never get anything else done.  My tellybox recorder is getting chock full of goodies for the Autumn/Winter season – Supernatural, Arrow, Once Upon a Time. 415 more words

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XI : Winchester Brothers Report "We Are Home"



We’ve been waiting for her. The warrior, the hero, the guardian angel, Dean’s girl, the Winchester’s true home, the most important object in the world and let’s be honest, the most beautiful girl this show has ever seen. 2,529 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

Supernatural : Baby

This was a highly enjoyable episode of Supernatural and will probably turn out to be one of my all- time favorite episodes for the entire season, something I hesitate to say because it’s so early. 1,254 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester


Question after viewing Episode 4 of Season 11: “Will our heroes or anyone in real life for that matter, every really change?” Sam and Dean were quite clear in this episode called “Baby” in which the car was the main star. 330 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester


It’s no secret that I love Supernatural. I have watched it since season 1, ten years ago. I have never stopped watching it, I always try to keep upto date and I still get as excited watching it now as I did all those years ago. 429 more words