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Supernatural lost its fizz?

Is it just me, or was Season 11 kind of flat?

The humor was dried up, Sam and Dean seemed stiff and awkward with each other, the Amara plot was lamer than lame, and the only one who seemed to enjoy being there was Misha.

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Donald Trump is A Swamp Monster

So now there’s proof that he is in fact an actual Swamp Monster.  I was watching an Episode from Season 7 of Supernatural, wherein a spunky and hilarious hacker, played by new Mom to be, Miss Felicia Day, hacks into personal emails belonging to the leader of the leviathans, Dick Roman.   131 more words

Supernatural S12 E8 - LOTUS

Not gonna lie.  I said some choice words (that my boss won’t let me use here) at the end of this episode.  It’s soooo not looking good for the home team, and they really left us hanging.   722 more words

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Supernatural SN12 E6 - Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

I don’t believe I have held my breath as much during any other episode of The Show!

Let me start at the beginning… so, it all started with a series of texts from DJ.   1,266 more words

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Supernatural SN12 E5 -The One You've Been Waiting For

In the latest episode of The Show, our Boys took on the biggest serial killer of all time… Hitler.  I have been looking forward to this episode since before the season even started because this was the episode that brought us Aaron Bass (played by… 755 more words

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Why did Magda really have to DIE?

Are the boys becoming sloppy, was my first thought? Have they let too many cases go without finishing the job. Have they been lazy in leaving trails behind them? 591 more words

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Supernatural SN 12 E4 - American Nightmare

This episode gave us some schmexy Winchester Boys in sweaters!  Look at those shoulders!  Somehow, they look so much better than in the usual plaid. 756 more words

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