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Can't do it, anymore...

I’ve tried… I’ve tried hard enough but… I can’t live without my boys!

Dean, Sam (and Cas, eventually), it’s time for a silly season Supernatural rerun! 20 more words

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Karma, She is a Bitch

So remember how I keep telling you not to mess with Karma? Okay maybe I haven’t told you but just be knowing…

Remember when Sam broke all our hearts by telling Dean, “No. 338 more words

Dean Winchester

Supernatural season 10 finale!


Things are looking really really bad for the boys. Around the same level of badness from that one time they accidentally started the apocalypse. 850 more words

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Comic book challenge - Update 6, by Mogu Mogu chan

Last book of the day:

‘Rising Son’, a prequel to Supernatural.

I told you I was a fan. Big time! And I’m really sad that the season’s last episode airs today… October is still so far away! 165 more words


Comic book challenge - Update 1 by Mogu Mogu chan

I’ve just finished reading the 6 volumes to Supernatural Beginning’s End.

It was ok. Being a fan of the boys, I was expecting something better but it gave a good insight of the events that preceded the TV show. 172 more words


TV Review: Supernatural Episode 1020 “Angel Heart”


Castiel is called to the hospital when Jimmy’s daughter Claire is injured outside a bar. He calls in Sam and Dean for “back up” because a teenage girl apparently scares him more than rampaging angels, demons and whatever else he has faced. 164 more words

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I have to say Kudos (though I hate that word, what does it even mean?) to the writer who coined that phrase because it evoked exactly the way Sam has been looking at Dean all season and also images of Dean as an actual diseased killer puppy who Sam keeps safely in a velvet lined cage filled with dog treats who he occasionally takes out to pet and groom with infinite care and tries to stop him from going all Cujo on the neighbors even though animal control has issued a writ that he needs to be put down. 120 more words