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Supernatural ~ Chapter 5 ~ Rugaru

It took three days to get back to the bunker in Kansas, but they made it without any problems besides their phones dying on the trip. 2,325 more words


Supernatural ~ Chapter 4 ~ Hell House

Sam and Dean were once again immobilized against the wall. They watched helplessly as Arthurus beat Felicity. The small girl was huddled in a ball to protect herself. 2,522 more words


#Supernatural Begins Filming Season 12 in Vancouver July 12 via @stacyamiller85 @jarpad @JensenAckles

It seems like just yesterday viewers were watching the dramatic events of Season 11 unfold in the Supernatural Season Finale “Alpha and Omega” on May 25. 290 more words

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Supernatural ~ Chapter 3 ~ Hell House

Castiel had begun stretching on the small bedroom floor. Dean was shaking his head in disapproval. “Dean, you try to be stuck on a wall for a week and see how you feel.” Castiel said, sarcastically. 2,344 more words


Supernatural ~ Chapter 2 ~ Hell House

The house looked ordinary, like any other house on the street.  Sam flipped his phone open and dialed Crowley’s number. They thought it best that Sam do the talking since Crowley and Sam were not on great speaking terms. 1,694 more words


Supernatural ~ Chapter One ~ Hell House

“Where the hell is this place again?” Dean asked as he stared out the windshield of his 1967 Chevy Impala. “We’ve been driving for God knows how long and I would like to get some shut eye.” 2,326 more words


Do you like Supernatural?

Okay, I think I mentioned before that I wrote fan fiction. Well, I started a Supernatural fanfic awhile back and I haven’t gotten around to continuing the awesome process. 52 more words