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An introduction 

My name is Sam. To be completely honest, I’ve only created this blog to compensate for the fact that I am incredibly lonely. This way, whenever I write, I feel like I have an audience, whether I legitimately do or not. 25 more words

Dean Winchester

Castiel Art

Writing block from writing an essay and revising it today, so here’s an art I did instead.

Castiel, from Supernatural, my favourite TV show at the moment. 10 more words


Supernatural S12 Sneak Peek

You may have heard a tremendously loud and horrendously long squee earlier today.  It may or may not have been me.

Don’t judge me!

This was the sneak peek I’ve been waiting on.   233 more words

Films & TV

Supernatural S12 Promo Released

I wasn’t squee’ing.  You were squee’ing.  Yes you were.  Yes. You. Were.

Oh sayer of untruths, your trousers did precede to combust!

If you saw Sammy all tied up and your mind didn’t go straight to the gutter… then you’re a better person than me.   252 more words

Films & TV

Supernatural, season 15

I would assume that most people out there are familiar with the TV show Supernatural, but for those who are not, I give a brief description: Two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who were raised by their Father and taught the ways, are monster hunters, confronting supernatural beings in an attempt to rid the world of anything that might bring harm to mankind. 1,651 more words

General Ramblings

Supernatural Inspired Pie

After reading articles about the next season of Supernatural, I was inspired to whip up the show’s unofficial mascot, pie. I chose Apple Pie because I felt like it would be Dean’s favorite. 452 more words

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