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Minecraft Story Mode Review

Oh Telltale, you stupid, stupid sods. A while ago I did an achievement unlocked article on this a while ago and at the start of that I said it was pretty damn terrible. 598 more words

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retr0spective: LucasArts Adventure Games (Part Three)

In 1991, Guybrush and co. made their return in LucasFilm Games’ (now known at this point as LucasArts) first ever sequel, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. 838 more words


retr0spective: LucasArts Adventure Games (Part Two)

Following the success of Maniac Mansion, Lucasfilm had found itself in a rather uncertain position. While their gaming endeavors had started to gain more attention did they did during their inception, the question of where they were to take them next still lingered. 745 more words


retr0spective: LucasArts Adventure Games (Part One)

In terms of film companies that have had the biggest influence on the medium, Lucasfilm is hands-down one of the most recognizable ones. Throughout their 45 years and counting years of existence, they’ve took us to a galaxy far far away, raided lost arks, and, uh…well, I think Nostalgia Critic… 457 more words