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St Francis (A Private Kansas Foster Care Agency) Supervisor Laura Price who has been accused by the Schwab’s and CASA worker, in leaked audio, of committing perjury in the Schwab case. 70 more words

Kansas Dcf

Swimming in a Flood of News

The news comes at a fast and furious rate in the age of President Donald Trump, but Wednesday’s pace was downright discombobulating. Some bigger than usual bombshells about the Russia thing with Trump and Russia came not from anonymous sources somewhere in the bureaucracy but rather from four under-oath high level figures, here in Kansas the more conservative sort of Republican economic philosophy took a hard hit, and just to the south the University of Oklahoma’s longtime football coach unexpectedly up and quit. 1,068 more words


If only Republicans in Washington had the Courage of Republicans in Kansas

Republicans have proven themselves to be the party of hypocrisy. I know, I’ve been saying this for months, but I have because it’s true. Although many GOP politicians joined the “anybody but Trump” club during the campaign, they now support his unconstitutional and immoral actions as their illegitimate president. 323 more words

KS Legislative Report - May 22-26

The Kansas Legislature celebrated day 100 last Wednesday, which was the last planned day of the 2017 legislative session. While last week saw more movement on school finance; lawmakers continued to hit a wall on taxes, struggling to find a compromise with enough votes for either passage or a veto-override. 1,005 more words


Legislative Update: Week 15

The Kansas Legislature is not much closer to adjournment, unfortunately, with little advancement on major tax policy or budget issues last week. However, we did see movement on school finance as the House K-12 bill was voted out of committee on Monday and a new Senate education plan was introduced on Wednesday. 1,189 more words


Week 1 of Veto Session

Kansas lawmakers wrapped up the first part of the 2017 legislative session on April 7 and returned to TopekaMay 1 after a three-week spring break. Heading into Veto Session, Legislators still faced the same dominant issues since January – budget, taxes and school finance. 1,303 more words


Trump's tax plan 'would be Kansas on steroids' | MSNBC

National treasure and all round good person, Rachel Maddow, published this article on her blog the other day. It is in keeping with my series on White conservative voters voting against their best interests. 194 more words