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Showcase LA Events Inc Reveals What Really Makes a Great Entreprenuer

For a long time, it was thought that great entrepreneurs were born, not made. People thought that entrepreneurs had some innate, inimitable quality that they were born with, and that this meant they were destined to be a successful entrepreneur. 238 more words


Spotify's Business Model Called 'Unsustainable'

In 2010 Swedish music streaming service Spotify was on the rise, with a 151 percent jump in revenue. According to PrivCo, a company that tracks financial data, the bottom almost fell out for Spotify in 2011 and the service’s current model is “unsustainable.” 271 more words


Facebook hits new low as IPO lock-up ends.

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Facebook float grows 25% to fulfil demand as analysts warn off investors

Facebook is selling 25 per cent more shares than planned as the world clamours for a piece of the year’s hottest stock offering, but analysts have warned investors to be mindful of the high share price. 422 more words


California May Reap Windfall From Facebook IPO

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The State of California will reap a windfall from Mark Zuckerberg following the Facebook IPO according to calculations from PrivCo.

The company researches privately held companies and is saying not only the state, but also the IRS, will be getting a piece of the social network behemoth’s pie. 217 more words

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Facebook Numbers Fall As Hated New ‘Timeline’ Feature Drives Down Ad Revenues.

Facebook’s Epic Fail

Regular users to Facebook have long been used to the regular updates and changes made to the system by the developers. Some of the changes we bristled at, but most were very good and a needed forward step in the code’s evolution. 1,035 more words


The Glory of Facebook

As we anxiously anticipate the almighty Facebook to  proclaim its public début, most speculate what once known brings to the IPO table.  I wonder what their ticker is going to be?   484 more words