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No Pretending----I DO Know!

 Congratulations If…

If you have CERTAINTY in your religious beliefs.  I commend you.  What I’m presenting here should not take away from your conviction one whit.   274 more words

Frum vs. Trump: Simplicity vs. Simpleton

In case you don’t know who David Frum is, he is a conservative commentator and former speech writer for GW Bush.  Let’s just state for the record that I am not a fan of David Frum’s ideology, but I do respect his intelligence and the way he presents his case.  310 more words


Sam Harris, Free Will and Liberal Lunacy

So the other day I was listening to Sam Harris blather on about free will.  I need to stop doing this because every time I listen to him talk on this subject I feel the desire to buy an assault weapon and build a bunker somewhere in Montana.   834 more words

Criminal Justice

From the Razor's Edge

Author Sam Harris described the space one can occupy between the extreme right and the extreme left as a ‘razor’s edge’.

Dave Rubin agrees. A gay married man left the progressive podcast “Young Turks” to start “ 26 more words

Dave Rubin

Le livre le plus important de 2017

Il est peut-être trop tôt pour annoncer le retour de la tyrannie en Occident, mais il est désormais approprié de déclarer ce retour possible. Moins de 30 ans après la chute du Mur de Berlin, nous avons suffisamment négligé notre rapport à l’histoire pour rétablir les conditions favorables à l’ascension au pouvoir d’un démagogue qui transformerait un pays tel que les États-Unis en dictature. 2,173 more words

Donald Trump

Does Free Will Exist? (Sam Harris Book Review)

I’m not responsible for penning these words. This isn’t to say that somebody else is typing, or that I am being dictated to, no, these are words of my choosing, in an order I have composed, written with my absolute intent. 1,432 more words


The most important book of 2017

It may be too early to state that tyranny has returned in the West, but we can now safely say that it could. A mere three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, we have sufficiently neglected history to reestablish the conditions under which the right demagogue could seize power in a Western country such as the United States and turn it into a dictatorship. 1,784 more words

Donald Trump