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Response to Sam Harris, podcast #67 w/ Jordan Peterson

This is written as a response to podcast #67, Meaning in Chaos

Proposition 1: An individual survives best in a pack.

Proposition 2: Pack leadership is initially predicated on power–to defend or defeat rivals. 705 more words

Between The Lines

The Bible and its human origins

Rob Bell is always working hard to put the Bible in context. In this clip, he (passively) calls out Christians who ignore the human element of the book. 21 more words


Climate Change

I heard this yesterday and, even though it’s not the usual thing I post on, I thought this was important and wanted to share it. … 64 more words

The Nature of Consciousness

Sam Harris speaks with Thomas Metzinger about the scientific and experiential understanding of consciousness. Jump to 26:32 for the consciousness discussion proper — the first 26 minutes are for the most part a well-trodden exercise in mutual virtue-signalling. 10 more words


An evaluation on the 'I' in the continuity of consciousness

Sam Harris has recently become far more involved in debates regarding robots and Artificial Intelligence, and its place in the future. In a discussion with David Chalmers recently, they discussed how some tech developers have been thinking about developing machine brains, or neurally integrated computers. 1,110 more words

Peterson v Harris: My Thoughts on 'Truth'

Below is my crude, unpolished take on the debate over the word ‘Truth’ and how it should be used.

If we start with statements that are scientifically testable as ‘factual’ or ‘accurate’ (let’s use the word ‘factual’ from now on) there are no disagreements from either camp with regard to the definitions. 947 more words

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