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Sam Lee - Blackbird music video

Here I am dancing in Sam Lee’s latest music video!


Who's Touring

In the current issue of Songlines (March 2015, #106), we choose a selection of forthcoming tour highlights. You can see the full list here, but here were my selections: 274 more words


Sam Lee's F#m Jam

||: F#m7 – AM7 – | G#m7 – C#m9 – | F#m7 – AM7 – | G#m7 – C#m9 – |
| F#m7 – AM7 – | G#+7 – C#m9 – | F#m7 – E/G# – | G/A – A/B – :||

Sam Lee + 김종익 | NHN Cafeteria | October 2008


New York Pt 2: Wo'Pop with Darek Mazzone and Sam Lee

Click here to hear the session.

Trudging up to an unmarked back entrance of a nameless building in central Manhattan, myself and the rest of the band were ushered up service lifts, through winding corridors to our studio, … 104 more words


New York Pt 1: globalFEST 2015 with Sam Lee

Not many people know that I grew up in the United States, largely because not many people ask. If they did, I’d tell them about a picturesque corner of Maryland, all lemonade stands, brunches, yard sales and little league baseball, sort of Desperate Housewives without the deep frustration, violence and barely concealed sexual mischief. 383 more words


Despicable Man | 心机男

He is the man who feels that his unrequited love is undeserving, and that it was your loss for being with another man.

He is the man who doesn’t want to hold on and be with you no matter what. 169 more words

Musings | 感发

Interview: Magic Man Talk Fire Alarms and Nicknames + An Interview In Pictures

Words and Photos by Joyce Jude Lee

2014 has been one hell of a year for Magic Man. The busy band has been trotting the globe and gifting audiences everywhere with the triumphan synth pop beats. 2,736 more words