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Away We Go (2009): Yes, even breathing feels all right!

“Well I have been searching all of my days”

Let me start off by accepting that I am probably too young to fully appreciate this film and even if I were to somehow magically age 10 years overnight, I would still not be mature enough to relate to this movie in a manner that it deserves.

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Away We Go

Sometimes travel has nothing to do with business or pleasure, and everything to do with searching. Searching for a person, or a place, or maybe just a feeling. 421 more words


American Beauty: Breaking out of the prisons of our own making


One of the things most people tend to work to keep is appearance. They construct it like a persona that seems to grow more and more and take a life of its own. 1,221 more words


'Spectre' pays homage to it’s ancestors while not being overwhelmed with the sense of nostalgia.

Spectre is the 24th instalment of the James Bond franchise that follows Bond on a new mission as he discovers a cryptic message from his past that sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. 345 more words


American Beauty | Movie Review

 American Beauty: American Classic

This film is a Must See for all moviegoers. Director Sam Mendes has created the perfect mix of humor, drama and visual superiority in this complex and highly entertaining cinematic masterpiece. 71 more words


John Wick 2 and Logan: Peckinpah for the 21st century

The name Sam Peckinpah (1925-1984) doesn’t come up much these days. But somewhere old Sam has to be amused that two films following in his footsteps are among the best reviewed movies of 2017. 411 more words

James Bond Films

Unhappy Suburban Spaces

Happiness in elusive and perhaps even impossible for the characters of American Beauty (Sam Mendes, 1999). From a cleverly passive viewpoint the film presents characters that should be, at least on the surface, happy. 1,764 more words