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Event Horizon

Before watching the movie:

I guess before just now I didn’t know anything but the title. So apparently a ship that was lost in a black hole has mysteriously come back, and the people who go investigate discover that it brought Something back with it. 696 more words


RFT’s Movie Cartoon # 15.1 – Dr. Alan Grant (Jurassic Park)

A Drawing 65 Million Years In The Making!

I have added a background to the Dr. Alan Grant cartoon, including a few pterodactyls.

P.S. I’m excited for Jurassic World coming out in a few weeks. 11 more words


A Golden Cup for the World

Sam Neill is the man.

First, it was his unforgettable portrayal of Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park. Then, he was the dad in the emotionally futuristic movie, … 136 more words

Quick Movie Review: Jurassic Park

1993’s Jurassic Park was groundbreaking on so many levels. It features special effects that, 22 years later, have me saying, “Wow! That’s incredible!” At that time, filmmaking was really reaching a pinnacle in realistic effects. 224 more words


The Beauty And Terror Of Discovery: Jurassic Park

1993 was a magnificent year for Steven Spielberg, the man responsible for the birth of the summer blockbuster with the monster movie, Jaws; carrying an inspired Hitchcock style that aimed to shock its audience; a year that would bring him success in both at the box office and at the awards circle, placing him back at the pinnacle of mainstream cinema, earning back the trust of his old fans and finally capturing a new set of audiences that would carry with him beyond the turn of the century. 767 more words

Shaun vs. In the Mouth of Madness (1995)

Directed by John Carpenter

Starring Sam Neill, Jurgen Prochnow, Julie Carmen and Charlton Heston

Released February 3, 1995

Rated R

A publishing firm hires a man to look into the disappearance of their best-selling author, a horror novelist whose works can drive people to madness and his latest nobel may actually bring about the end of the world. 831 more words


Cannes: Curious Films Sets Diverse Slate

Pan Nalin’s “Beyond the Known World,” which is now in post-production, heads the production and co-production slate of Australia and New Zealand mini-conglomerate Curious Films. 257 more words