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This is both exciting, thrilling and insightful because What I’m sharing today is one of the best ideas I’ve read this year! And if there is -but one blog post that you should share to your readers, pals, colleagues and family then let it be this gem unfolding right here :-) :-) 640 more words


Colorado Crush 2015 Street Art Festival.19-22 September 2015. Denver, Colorado, USA, Last Part. THE WALLS.

Thomas Evans:

Sam Parker and Jason Garcia collab (detail):

This is one of my favorite pieces of the event. Not trying to play favorites…

Michael Ortiz and Vyalone collab: 82 more words

Some Reading

The Extra Degree

Did you know that at 211 degrees, water is hot? Just call me Captain Obvious! Even though water is hot at 211 degrees, it isn’t boiling. 352 more words

Monday Memo: Build The Tribe

Duke Kahanamoku trophy, a champagne cup? 1913.


Duke Kahanamoku’s Trophy Is Utilized by Colonel Parker for Purpose Designed

Aboard the liner Sierra a loving cup was used yesterday for the purpose for which it was designed. 93 more words

English Newspaper

Quitting the Internet, Cold Turkey

The advice offered to me by people when I explain I am going to live by myself in the woods for a week varies from the sensible (“Develop a routine”) to the frankly awful (“Take some weed!”).

263 more words

Con Sam Parker un workshop per interpreti di Lingua dei Segni

Quest’anno ad arricchire il programma estivo dedicato alle Lingue dei Segni, un workshop rivolto ad interpreti della durata di 8 ore il cui titolo รจ … 199 more words

Mason Perkins Deafness Fund

Prorogata la scadenza per i Corsi ASL 2015

Prorogata al 5 giugno la scadenza per iscriversi ai corsi ASL, organizzati da School for Liberal Arts in collaborazione con Mason Perkins Deafness Fund onlus. Anche per il 2015 la scuola propone un programma di apprendimento della Lingua dei Segni americana rivolto a segnanti di LIS, che si affianca a quello di Lingua e Cultura sorda italiana proposto invece a segnanti ASL. 130 more words

Mason Perkins Deafness Fund