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Getting $465 million in EU aid isn’t worth having to improve human rights, Cambodia’s PM says

Yesterday (June 13) Cambodian prime minister made clear where his alliances lie. Faced with possibly losing $465 million in EU aid if his country’s human rights situation didn’t improve, he… 420 more words

How Radio Free Asia tries to dupe Cambodians

When the commune elections are held next year, and the national elections in 2018, there will be an important participant whose name does not appear on the ballots. 1,559 more words


Boiling a frog

Sometimes, life in Cambodia is a lot like that metaphor about boiling a frog: you think life is fine, and then all of a sudden you’re surrounded by police with AK-47s, and you realise it very much isn’t. 396 more words

‛Politically motivated’

I have no special information by which to judge the accuracy or otherwise of your May 6 front-page story “Freedom Park revisited”. But the article itself contains sufficient evidence that the Post’s account is slanted to support a particular political view. 462 more words


Party Competition Cambodian Style - No Impunity At The End?

Partyforumseasia: In February we had last commented on the ongoing brutality against opposition members  in Cambodia’s Parliament. While CNRP leader Sam Rainsy is in exile again and a well orchestrated campaign is trying to destroy his deputy Kem Sokha over an alleged extramarital affair, there is a not really expected follow-up to the brutal beatings of CNRP members in front of parliament. 182 more words

Political Parties In Southeast Asia

Cambodian Opposition Fights Back With IT-Solutions

Partyforumseasia: The peaceful handover from a military junta to a victorious opposition in Myanmar notwithstanding, Southeast Asian domestic politics is hardball from the textbook. Eliminating opposition when it develops into dangerous competition is not the most elegant or democratic way of staying in power, but it works. 403 more words

Political Parties In Southeast Asia