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Sam Seder: Video: Philip Mirowski: How Neoliberalism Survived The Financial Meltdown?

To me at least neoliberalism and libertarianism at least when it comes to economics are different things. Economic liberalization where you’re talking about decentralization of the central state and privatizing state-owned industries and companies and empowering people to own property. 205 more words


O'Reilly Was Shamed By Al Franken For Untruth In 2003

Majority Report

Majority Report looks at the time Al Franken took on Bill O’Reilly by publicly calling him out for telling a lie about the journalism award he received for the show Inside Edition. 29 more words


Ring of Fire Episode 02/22/2015

Below is a Ring of Fire full episode from 02/22/2015.

00:50 – Peter Mougey will explain how the banking industry has become the “new mafia” in America, and why they are never held accountable for their crimes. 61 more words


Is Corporate Media Failing The Planet?

Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder discuss how the majority of mainstream U.S. media has been essentially null in the discussion of climate change or other issues.

Ring of Fire


Fox News' Kennedy Montgomery: If Climate Change Is More Dangerous Than Terrorism, 'You Would Vomit All Over The White House'

The right wing has taken up some confusing positions on the murder of Kayla Mueller by ISIS. They have nearly praised it (due to her anti-Zionist beliefs). 58 more words


Tennessee Minister Gives Prayer Asking Jesus To End Medicaid Expansion

June Griffin, a “longtime crusader for Christian values,” gave the opening prayer for the Tennessee Senate recently.

After taking special prayer requests, she went into a prayer to end any effort to expand Medicaid in Tennessee. 9 more words