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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Having been awed by Bogart in Casablanca I was eager to see him in other films. So when The Maltese Falcon popped up on the schedule for the Harvard Exit, my girl friend and I made a date to see it. 360 more words


Mint (Prose)

The lady was bad news.

She was the sick in my cigarette and the poison in my punch.  She was the genie in the lamp – but make no mistake – she wasn’t the good kind of genie.  275 more words


"Goldie" - From the Case Files of Harryhausen, Private Eye (Part 1)

Once upon a time I was sitting in my office on Fairfax reading a racing form.
My name’s Harryhausen and I’m a dick. A detective, that is. 3,352 more words


85 Years Later, Dashiell Hammett’s “The Maltese Falcon” Continues to Delight

Book Review: “The Maltese Falcon” by Dashiell Hammett, published by Plume, 2008 (originally published in 1930)

A priceless Maltese falcon figurine is at the center of Dashiell Hammett’s seminal detective novel set in foggy San Francisco. 756 more words


The Triple Threat Foreword

This is the foreword that the uber-talented Jenn Frank wrote for Triple Threat, the collection of the first three Lexy Cooper novels. I post it here for those readers who bought and read… 1,356 more words

Assassin Of The Apocalypse

I don’t want to know your reasons.  If he owes you or he beat you or she swindled you or he got the promotion you wanted or you want to fuck his wife or she fucked your man or you bumped into each other on the subway and he didn’t say sorry.  499 more words

Books for Kids: Catch You Later, Traitor

My first thought, upon receiving this book for review, was that it’s too U.S.-centric — that it won’t speak to a young Canadian reader.

After all, it deals with a uniquely American part of history: the so-called Red Scare and McCarthyism of the 1950s, when that nation saw Communists at every turn and was determined to ferret out any Soviet sympathizers as possible traitors and a threat to the American way of life. 472 more words