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Samantha Ellis--Take Courage

“A lone cur howled across the sleet-drenched moors as I, in semi-transparent skeletal form, struggled to the door of Miss Samantha Ellis’s temporary dwelling in Haworth. 1,352 more words

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The Impact of a Mutilated Text

A few weeks ago I was up in Trawden without a thought in my head about the Brontës – well, not until someone in the pastoral meeting I was attending mentioned that we were a mere eight miles from Haworth. 1,110 more words

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I am slowly picking myself up after a busy festive season. At the end of it I found myself wondering what themes were calling me, as I’d rather dropped the ball over the last few weeks.  826 more words

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Review: How To Date A Feminist

“I want to apologise for the patriarchy” is not conventionally the most romantic way to start a proposal speech, or indeed a rom-com play. Small wonder that Steve (Tom Berish) doesn’t immediately win Kate (Sarah Daykin) over – it takes some endearing yet awkward dancing to convince her to say yes. 564 more words


Event: Literary Bad Boys with Samantha Ellis

Literary bad boys ….Who hasn’t fallen headlong for a romantic rotter in a book? Looking back, I can’t imagine how brusque, brutal Heathcliff got my pulses racing, much less see how Catherine could describe him as ‘more myself than I am’, but when I was reading it for A’level, none of my clean-cut boyfriends had a glimmer of Heathcliff’s Byronic glamour. 254 more words

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Book Response: Samantha Ellis's How to Be a Heroine

In Samantha Ellis’s How To Be a Heroine: Or, What I’ve Learned from Reading Too Much, we venture via beloved books and heroines from Ellis’s younger years and the accompanying yearning to be a princess to more recent years and her discovery that she, too, can be her own heroine in a myriad of ways. 2,764 more words

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