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How to Be a Heroine: Or, What I've Learned from Reading too Much, by Samantha Ellis – A Review

From the desk of Jenny Haggerty:

Those who don’t enjoy reading may assume it’s a solitary activity, and they’d be partly correct because page turning (physical or virtual) is usually done alone. 912 more words


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LONDON – it was close enough to my birthday to count. I hadn’t bothered to plan anything for the actual date because of that, and two lovely friends organised different things for me to do – day trips to Yorkshire and home cooked food. 800 more words

How to be a Heroine

Fictional heroines have inspired girls for generations and generations as well as amassed their own large fandoms. Their wit, their charm and their ability to come through (and not) the most challenging things has even proven helpful in helping some of us soldier through as we learn from their fictional examples that at times prove painfully true in reality. 189 more words

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How To Be a Heroine, Samantha Ellis

Samantha’s Jewish parents escaped persecution from Baghdad and arrived in London to settle into their new lives. Yet, they brought with them not only the memories of a life gone by and nostalgia, but also the customs of the conservative community to their new home. 386 more words

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Samantha Ellis' 'How to Be a Heroine': A Life in Great Fictional Women

There’s a thriving subgenre of what one may call cozy literary criticism, where a writer, usually a woman, traces the outline of her life through the books that she has read. 653 more words