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The Price We Pay For Being Gay

By Samantha Ellis

Growing up, you are taught to love many different individuals. You love your parents, your family, supposedly your siblings (but you are not always sure). 501 more words

Student Spotlight

Samantha Ellis - Take Courage: Anne Bronte and the Art of Life

A sisterly fight for the youngest, overlooked Brontë

I confess, with some shame, that the youngest Brontë, Anne, is the one I have never explored. Clearly, I surrendered to the fake news floating around for nearly 200 years which dismissed Anne as being lesser than her more respected siblings, Emily and Charlotte. 1,192 more words

Book Review

How to be a Heroine by Samantha Ellis

Many years ago I removed a set of books from a classroom in a village school. It concerned a pretty little girl whose entire life was contained in her pretty little cottage with her only friends being those who delivered things to her house, just because she used a wheelchair. 582 more words

Female Authors

Samantha Ellis--Take Courage

“A lone cur howled across the sleet-drenched moors as I, in semi-transparent skeletal form, struggled to the door of Miss Samantha Ellis’s temporary dwelling in Haworth. 1,350 more words

Reviews By Lucy And Todd

The Impact of a Mutilated Text

A few weeks ago I was up in Trawden without a thought in my head about the Brontës – well, not until someone in the pastoral meeting I was attending mentioned that we were a mere eight miles from Haworth. 1,110 more words

Book Reviews

Recommended link: Anne Brontë - the sister who got there first

I am slowly picking myself up after a busy festive season. At the end of it I found myself wondering what themes were calling me, as I’d rather dropped the ball over the last few weeks.  826 more words

Book Reviews

Review: How To Date A Feminist

“I want to apologise for the patriarchy” is not conventionally the most romantic way to start a proposal speech, or indeed a rom-com play. Small wonder that Steve (Tom Berish) doesn’t immediately win Kate (Sarah Daykin) over – it takes some endearing yet awkward dancing to convince her to say yes. 564 more words