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Inktober 2018 Day 17

Night of the Comet has inspired another Inktober post, this time from none other than comic book artist Adam DeKraker who posted this stunning piece on Instagram for Inktober 2018 Day 17 featuring Kelli Maroney as Samantha. 53 more words


Bonus Chapter: Doctor Sharpe.

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Author’s Note: Oop! Nearly forgot to put the playlists in! Here we are! Casper’s Groovez and Bex’s Songz!

Doctor’s notes, Subject #24235. Samantha De-Lorrie. 3,326 more words

Samanta strong counter to Netizens who criticizing #MetooIndia Movement

నీ కూతురు అడిగితే ఏం చెప్తావ్..?

‘మీటూఇండియా’ వేదిక ద్వారా తమపై జరిగిన లైంగిక దాడుల గురించి వివిధ రంగాలకు చెందిన మహిళలు ఒక్కొక్కరుగా పెదవి విప్పుతున్నారు..more

Glamour World

Mr. Not too big

“Listen to me, the right guy is an ilussion. Start living your lifes”
Samantha Jones

Y si … todas soñamos con casarnos con Mr. Big, y cómo no; un tipo guapo, exitoso, que nos haga reír, que sea todo un caballero, que tenga la familia perfecta, el trabajo perfecto, poco pasado y mucho futuro… ese príncipe azul con el que siempre soñamos y que quisimos creer que existía y luego… conocemos al hombre con el que nos casamos. 456 more words



The first book in this series and it is the first time I have read this author and I will read her again. 138 more words