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Mawacat Rockslide

Right after enjoying Ton-ok Falls, me and my friend went straight here. We walked like 5o meters to get to Barangay Mawacat because it’s close and also part of the Oquendo District. 366 more words


Where on Earth is El-H---?

Another one of our mysterious locations to discover is El-H—, an obviously Arabic city but with few other clues to help us find out where on earth it actuallly is. 255 more words


Samar's Awesome Tarangban Falls

We hiked for maybe 20-30 minutes on a muddy trail with an army of mosquitoes following behind us as we delve deeper into coconut plantations, following the sound of flowing water. 488 more words


The President's First 100 Days

For years, I went to them in Samar.

Having seen, first with a shock, then with a rage that grew each and every time I went there, just what they meant to those who who sat in power, I knew I had to go. 2,167 more words


That dude with a wide smile in the middle of this sea of wide smiles is my son.

This is my son, who, after a grueling day at school, just has to go outdoors and fling that frisbee for hours–until the dark says “Enough.” 521 more words

The Bridge, The Water, and The Girl

22nd  of December, 2016


I’ve always been curious what lay beneath the San Juanico Bridge, so I’ve always dreamed about swimming beneath it (only to be dragged away by the current lmao). 401 more words