NJ families welcome NYC kids into their homes and hearts during the summer [Story 2]

Welcoming a stranger into your house takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to the Fresh Air Fund.

And in this second story of our week-long series, I introduce you to two New Jersey families who have opened their homes an dhearts to Carlos and Samaria. 600 more words


Thought for Today

I have been reading harrowing accounts of Christian families forced to flee their homes in Iraq due to the incursion of IS, an offshoot of al-Qaeda. 319 more words

Daily Musings

Two NYC kids prepare for Fresh Air Fund summer trip of a lifetime [Story 1]

It’s the last day of August, which means the summer is coming to an end for New York City kids. I will be showing you how two of them spent part of their vacation. 578 more words


Stop Tying Soldiers' Hands Behind Their Backs

by Yishai Karov
August 30, 2015

After ‘disgraceful’ Nabi Saleh assault, Miri Regev stresses anyone who attacks IDF soldiers must be held responsible for their actions. 182 more words

Israel & Middle East

I Was Blind . . .

Saul was a Jew, originally from the Turkish town of Tarsus, and several years younger than Jesus (250).  He was raised as a devout Pharisee — a scholarly & rule-bound Jewish denomination. 234 more words

The Spirit Works in Samaria

Philip went to a large city in Samaria & preached to the people there that Jesus was the Messiah promised by God (248). Crowds of people began paying close attention to what Philip said, when they saw the miracles that he did.  405 more words

The Murder of Stephen

As the council members heard Stephen’s accusation, they became furious, grinding their teeth at him in anger (247).

But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, looked up to heaven & proclaimed, “I see heaven opened & Jesus standing at the right side of God!” 171 more words