Conquest Of Israel By Assyria

God had directed Elisha to anoint Jehu as king of Israel. On his way to the throne, Jehu slaughtered all descendants of the former king… 222 more words


John 4, the woman at the well, healing of the official's son at Capernaum.

Richard Blanchard (1925-2004)

It would have been much easier to follow the Jordan River up to Galilee.There are two possible routes, both cumbersome.

Nobody draws water in the middle of the day unless they have to. 30 more words


A Samaritan Woman

Bible Reference:  John 4:4-26

Heart of the Story: A sinful Samaritan woman encounters Jesus

Back Story: Most of the time Jews traveling back and forth between Galilee and Jerusalem went to the east side of the Jordan River so they would not have to walk through Samaria. 587 more words

Lesser Known Bible Characters

Terror Strikes in the West Bank

My heart was heavy when I heard news of the Tuesday morning terror attack upon Israeli security and police officers in the West Bank.  I was especially burdened because I was in the West Bank (Biblical Judea and Samaria) only a couple weeks ago and was so encouraged by what I saw and experienced there. 568 more words

Current Events

The Samaritan Woman - Evangelist Extraordinaire (John 4.1-30, 39-42

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Israel's Liberman says West Bank Settlements Needed for israel's Defense


 The Jerusalem Post
SEPTEMBER 18, 2017 06:08

The Palestinians have insisted that settlement activity is a stumbling block to peace and the US has frowned on such building. 569 more words


Early Christianity originated in Samaria-Sebaste. That is where Jesus was crucified in 36 AD;

the protests that led to Pilate being recalled started there. Simon Magus was active there; he was the leader of the Gnostic Jesus movement, and in Christian tradition he became Simon Peter, the disciples’ and Apostles’ spokesman. 90 more words