Resting By the Well

When we think of the story of the woman at the well most of us picture a bucolic scene by some quiet spot among the lovely hills of Samaria. 250 more words

Going through Samaria

But He needed to go through Samaria John 4:4

In Jesus’ day Jews rarely went by way of Samaria. We could speculate that Jesus needed to go through Samaria to avoiding the Jewish leaders or maybe just because it was shorter and he was tired! 206 more words

The 4th Sovereignty Conference

Some personal thought before the conference:

This week I will be attending the 4th Sovereignty Conference at the Crown Plaza in Jerusalem. It’s ironic that the conference will be addressing the issue of sovereignty in the Land of Israel with a focus on Judea and Samaria. 511 more words

"To hear the news media tell it, Israel’s Knesset has approved extreme right-wing legislation that will steal Palestinian land by legalizing illegal outposts and thereby demolish the last hopes for Middle East peace"

Understanding the outposts
by Stephen M. Flatow
February 8, 2017

For those who forget King Hussein’s record, I should mention that he was the king who decreed that all 57 synagogues in the Old City of Jerusalem should be destroyed; that Jewish gravestones from the Mount of Olives cemetery should be used for latrines in Jordanian army barracks; that all Jews should be barred from visiting the Western Wall during the years his regime occupied it.  55 more words

Israel & Middle East

Forgotten Court Rule: Israel Is The Legal Occupant Of Judea And Samaria

ISRAELI so-called settlements in West Bank – Judea and Samaria – are a complex issue. As a rule the news and newscasts claim that Israeli construction activities beyond 1967 line will destroy the Two-State idea. 1,359 more words


Samaritan Water

Jesus was becoming popular in Judea.

He knew the Pharisees were watching Him so He left Judea.  He comes upon a well in Sychar: Jacob’s well.   341 more words