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A gentle kind of madness
takes me by the hand
as fog nestles within the gyre,
a game of hide-and seek ensues.

Overtaken under steel gray billow,

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Nautilus Can Not Handle Windows Shares

It was a surprise for me when I realized that Nautilus could not connect to Windows network or smb locations.

GVFS, which is the virtual file system of the GNOME desktop environment, does not come with SMB support by default, and this was the whole reason of this unexpected behavior. 12 more words


Archlinux + RAID10 + NFS/SMB + Infiniband on HP Proliant Microserver Gen8

TL;DR: How to build a NAS with 4 HDDs in (Software) RAID10 on a HP Proliant Microserver G8 with Archlinux and Infiniband connectivity, serving clients via NFS and Samba. 2,941 more words


October 3

From the Lightning Strikes Twice Department volume 5:

Jazz Samba, the 1962 album by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd.

This is another beautiful example of vinyl record technology on the… 154 more words


Strictly Come Swazi My Favourites

This man’s back was ramrod straight. He looked impeccable. His partner was petite, nimble and gorgeous. They looked really professional.

I must admit I used to slip my tongue between my lips when I was concentrating. 74 more words


Arroz, feijão e misturas: Fincado em suas origens, Laranja Oliva começa a colher os frutos de seu debut

Hoje vamos falar de uma banda que tem orgulho de suas origens e sempre busca fazer referências a elas. Do estilo, passando pelo campo da sonoridade ao nome: … 1,063 more words


Samba Pa' Ti

he starts slow
with gentle strums
as if tongue-tied,
hiding a stammer. soon,
he finds his voice, now
bold, quieting the conga, the ganza,
singing the air electric. 117 more words