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La Giraffa's First Day of Spring Playlist

Mother Nature loves the irony of burying us in 24-hours worth of wet, sticky snow just as the calendar announces Spring. My apartment, though, is a tropical paradise.   292 more words

Forgotten sambas and voices of WWII

Over at BBC Brasil, there’s a lengthy article (in PT) on the forgotten voices and sambas of Brazilian soldiers in WWII, including a 20-minute documentary (in PT, with PT subtitles) called Os Sons Esquecidos dos Praçinhas (praça means soldier, as well as plaza). 50 more words


A bit of a down day

Somehow the disappointment of yesterday’s performance at the comp only managed to hit me today. I was actually ok yesterday, and maybe a bit deluded?! But today, I just felt quite down. 320 more words


Milestones - Adidas Samba Primeknit 2014

Adidas released alongside the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro 2014 a limited edition boot that became the first ever to have a 100% knitted upper. 67 more words


The art and sport of samba dancing

Photo: Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

In this series of sports articles, our international journos explore health and fitness habits in their cultures. Joanna York writes about the joy and struggle of samba dancing. 445 more words

Personal Essays

Sacramento Brazilian Carnival

This was the absolute best place to be this night. The fun, the food, the people, the amazing dancers, Jiu Jhitzhu and musicians. What a great time. 200 more words

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Arrival in SP & Carnaval in Salvador

Hello gente!

Finally after living a little over a month in Brazil, I’ve found the time to sit down and write a bit about my experiences and travels. 2,332 more words