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Metasploit's smb_login

Suppose everyone knows what the smb_login module is. (A quick heads up here: https://www.offensive-security.com/metasploit-unleashed/smb-login-check/)

The questions is: do you know how Metasploit smb_login module works under the hood? 340 more words


With Curiosity To Curtain Your First Move

New week, new week. What kind of fun things have I done this past week? Well, let’s see…

When I got together with Sir Steven and Sparkledancer this past Saturday, we started again (as we have been doing for the last few weeks) looking at our International Standard routines. 2,305 more words


Student Spotlight: Leif Andersen

When dancing helps the mind and the body.

Leif Andersen, 25, is a PhD candidate in programming languages at Northeastern University. Even though he very much enjoyed spending time with his fellow PhD students, Leif felt the need to get out of his comfort zone. 419 more words



#yum install -y samba

#mkdir /sharedrepo

#groupadd staff

#chgrp -R staff /sharedrepo/

#chmod -R 777 /sharedrepo/

#cd /sharedrepo/

#touch one

#chcon -R -t samba_share_t /sharedrepo/ 346 more words


Demoting Linux Mint 17.3 DC from Samba 4.4.2 AD DC

I tried several times though demote a working server but it’s failed each time and the only way I can demote a working server by using the dead server demote. 997 more words


Joining a Linux Mint 17.3 DC to Samba 4.4.2 AD DC

Starting with Samba 4.4.0 there are several improvements, especialling it now allows for a demoting a dead server and it allows me to use a real server if I want to, not only a virtual one, but I still prefer a virtual one though. 1,738 more words