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Six months have dragged onward like a dark winter’s night, and I am huddled with Julie in the cold corner of an empty room desperately waiting for sunrise. 1,872 more words


Leisures and Relaxations Can Make Us All Happier Like Lord Toby

In 2018, Lord Toby’s Leisure is obviously ‘sleeping’ … He enjoys relaxing with the camera as well … “Life is beautiful my friends”

via Leisure Is Dependent on Its Function: “Lord Toby’s 2018 New Year’s Resolution …” — Scotland&Me


Inter-American Court of Human Rights sodomizes international law

In the last years we have already seen a number of extreme and deliberate mis-interpretations of constitutional or international human rights law in order to promote abortion, euthanasia, child-trafficking, and sodomy. 626 more words


When is Yeshua coming back?

I asked Abba this question and got two immediate answers to the question.  The first was that people would be saying, ‘Where is the promise of his coming?”, and the other was, “Will Adonai find faith when he comes again?” 803 more words

Don't live in a bubble

On October 23, 2017 I posted an article on Episcopis Contemplationes titled; Social Justice Warriors: believing the lie in which I began with an old, but true story of a friend that choose to believe a lie, rather than the truth; follow the link to review the story. 693 more words

Moral Relativism

Will European Court impose the legal recognition of sodo-"marriage" all over Europe?

It is strange to see how the powerful institutions of the EU just don’t seem to get the message. At a time where attitudes towards the EU are increasingly critical, if not hostile, in growing swathes of the population, the political and judicial elites act as if that were nothing to concern them. 1,023 more words