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Shorten and the gay bags are running for cover!

Shorten and the LBT (lettuce bacon & tomato) brigade, there is only about 5000 clinically diagnosed gay and all sorts in Australia. There is an equal number of hangers-on who revel in the idea of the third sex and its variations but in the scheme of things the lot of them wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans. 82 more words

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MYTH 3: Same-sex marriage opens the doors to other marriages, like a woman marrying their cat.

One common argument from those that oppose same-sex marriage is that, if Australia were to legalise gay marriage, the nation will be one step closer to accepting polygamy, incest, objectophilia and beastiality. 287 more words


Do good for the land you live in!

On the ABC TV show QnA, a Senator said opposition to same-sex marriage comes from a place of hate, and that Christian views ought to be dismissed from the debate (17 Aug 2015). 120 more words

"Alternative" families are near occasions of sin for children

I am going to make a very bold claim: so-called “alternative” families are near occasions of sin for children.

In order for readers to understand this claim, I will first define a few terms: 312 more words


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Romans (The Story of God Bible Commentary) 324 more words
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Still not "born that way"

The Leftists — including the “Christian” Leftist — are busy trying to discredit and/or ignore this important study about sexuality, but they can lie all the like and it won’t change the truth.   835 more words