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Injections, injections, and more injections!

After being on birth control pills for a few weeks, we started our IVF cycle on July 5th, 2017. Since my wife would be doing the transfer, she started first with daily Lupron injections to stop her from ovulating- allowing us to have control over her cycle. 661 more words


Getting started at the clinic

It was the middle of May 2017 when we decided we were going to start our reciprocal IVF journey… ASAP! Until that point, we’d planned to start in the summer of 2018, to hopefully have a child around the time I graduate college in spring 2019. 832 more words


How to conceive??

Before we met, my wife and I had always known that we wanted children. And we knew that we were going to end up partnered with another woman. 367 more words


A blog about reciprocal IVF

The Internet is full of information for couples trying to conceive, but that information is overwhelmingly meant for opposite-sex couples. I’m not in one of those, so it’s been a bit frustrating. 92 more words


Dear Ezra: you're one month old 

Throughout pregnancy, I wrote you letters. I started my Instagram account with a letter to you at Christmas, when I was 14 weeks pregnant with you and as sick as a dog. 1,079 more words


Breastfeeding: the things I've learned so far

“When I have a baby I’m one hundred percent going to breastfeed!”

“But what if –”

“No, NO. I’m breastfeeding. That’s that.”

As if that’s how it works. 1,426 more words


Introducing Ezra: a positive birth story 

The idea of labour and birth is horror-story-scary to anyone facing it for the first time, right? I was often told all about everyone else’s nightmare birthing experiences whether I wanted the gory details or not. 2,163 more words