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So We Are Officially "In" and Registered for "Maybe Baby" Classes! #samesexparenting

   I’m happy to say that the registration email from Rainbow Families D.C. came in a few weeks ago, and that Alana and I are all registered and signed up for their Spring 2015 Maybe Baby program!! 242 more words

Mindless Musings

TJ and Mocha

Having a two and a four-year old can be so tiring.   Some moments are more trying than others for sure.   TJ (my two-year old) and Mocha (my four-year old) can be several handfuls.   267 more words


Think of the Child

My six-year-old son’s best friend is an amazing girl called Pascal. They have been solid buddies for almost three years now. They don’t attend the same school, but have regular play dates and sleepovers, where they play outside in the dirt with items pilfered from my kitchen concocting ‘ant stew’ (which doesn’t actually involve any ants), make indoor tents out of sheets strung over dining chairs, and put on puppet shows using old fridge boxes as the stage. 663 more words

Meditation- Day 28, Mocha on the Beach

There are days that feel like endless exercises in wit in avoiding meltdowns and episodes with Mocha.  I feel like today was one of those days.   586 more words


Meditation- Day 20, Emotional Rollercoaster

Since the scary, unnecessary “Brush with Death”, I’ve been on somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster. Mocha has had a few episodes which have ended with her pulling half of the hair from her scalp.   359 more words


What I Want My Kids To Be

Sally Kohn, a CNN pundit and lesbian mother of a six year old daughter that she is raising with her partner, gained greater notoriety lately when she declared that she wants her daughter to be gay, and is ‘disappointed’ that she’s already boy-crazy. 926 more words


TJ's Birth In A Nutshell

Reading a fellow blogger’s story about her son’s birth inspired me to reminisce and write about the birth of one my own children, TJ.   After Majnun gave birth to Mocha, I was thrilled and torn.   2,026 more words