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Mary, Our Best Girl

Sometimes I get really sad that I can’t legally post pictures showing Mary’s face, the joy that’s on it when she’s in her favorite place, sandwiched between her twin brothers and little tiny baby brother on her lap.  1,259 more words

Long Weekend

So just a short post today as I’m getting really frustrated with the WordPress app. Does anyone else find it difficult? I wrote a huge post 2 days ago on it and couldn’t find how to publish it…thought I had to go “back” a page and ended up deleting/losing my entire unpublished post. 270 more words


Robyn's 1st Birthday

Dear Robyn,

Happy 1st birthday in the clouds, our special boy, we miss you so much. The hurt never recedes or lessens, there is no consolation in time that enables your loss to be any less painful. 179 more words


In the Public Interest Takes a Look at Nontraditional Parenting

By Jacquelyn Carter
In the Public Interest Host


We are all surrounded by a diverse group of people who do not go through similar circumstances. 180 more words


Sorry to Break it to You: Wishes Aren’t Ponies

Try not to cry on the keyboard when  you read this.  Some seemed very determined to inflict their sins on children.  It’s just really, really sad that the liberal agenda, all the way around and more often than not, directly targets children.  951 more words



My little Noah.  These past 2 months have been really rough for my little guy.  There has been a lot of adjusting and acclimating to new environments and lots and lots of sickness.  710 more words

9 weeks to go

Here we are at 31 weeks. I’m scratching my head wondering how on earth we got here. Sprout had a growth scan and is doing great. 29 more words