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A letter to.... My seventeen year old self by Tom Cox

A letter to…. My seventeen year old self by Tom Cox

Tom aka the Unlikely Dad is 33 and a father to his son and husband to his husband. 1,242 more words

A Letter To

Climbing the infertility mountain

Last year I climbed some of the mountains of South Wales, often carrying a 40lb toddler plus our supplies. It was tough, sometimes REALLY tough, but never was it as tough as the current mountain we are climbing – infertility. 521 more words


Baby Shower

Our nursery rhyme themed baby shower was held over the weekend. It was so much fun and baby got very spoiled.

My sister and I spent weeks planning this. 392 more words


Six months have dragged onward like a dark winter’s night, and I am huddled with Julie in the cold corner of an empty room desperately waiting for sunrise. 1,872 more words


Growth scan

We had our first growth scan for the gestational diabetes the other day.

Little mister is measuring 2.5 weeks ahead in his stomach and his head is measuring 1.5 weeks ahead. 163 more words

30 weeks pregnant

This was the last ultrasound scan we have had. I was 19 weeks pregnant at the time and yes the cutie is sucking his thumb. 672 more words

Why People Are Comfortable to Ask: Where Do Babies Come From? Same-Sex Edition

As humans, we’re naturally curious creatures. Some might say downright nosey, in fact. Sometimes we have specific reasons for being curious about something, other times it would seem there is no reason at all – just because. 782 more words