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Dubai and Istanbul: Working Mom, Will Travel--Part Five

I turn 42 this week.  I have two kids, ages two and under.  I haven’t ruled out a third child and wonder what the world would feel like with three kids under the age of five. 1,041 more words

The Little Prince

Our little prince is 11 days old.

We are in the midst of grief. Some days are numb, allowing light to filter through the fog. Other days not even the hands infront of us are visable. 247 more words


For Our Beautiful Baby


Written on 23rd April 2015

Our baby Robyn was born sleeping on April 22nd at 5.25pm. 

To my Robyn, I can’t believe you have gone so soon. 159 more words


Second Trimester Loss after IVF

Written on 17th April 2015

I never knew heartbreak until now. Our beautiful baby was healthy at the 12 week scan. We heard the heartbeat. We started to think after four years of trying and 3 cycles of IVF that this was finally happening for us. 220 more words


Life Without Robyn

He is 5 days old today. I miss him terribly. Every morning when I wake up I think that the hospital will call to say he’s fine and that we can come and pick him up. 327 more words


Synod on the Family: what collateral damage really looks like

Many years ago an idle moment on google led me to discover a blog, written under a nom de plume, which had clearly been penned by someone who had attended my preparatory school. 2,561 more words


Mike Pence and I Stand Firm in our Mortal Beliefs—Moral Beliefs

Hello. God? That you? Yeah, me again. Listen, God …Well, I would have called earlier but—what’s that?   Okay, I will. Anyway, I was wondering if you had considered my last request? 1,105 more words

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