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Why People Are Comfortable to Ask: Where Do Babies Come From? Same-Sex Edition

As humans, we’re naturally curious creatures. Some might say downright nosey, in fact. Sometimes we have specific reasons for being curious about something, other times it would seem there is no reason at all – just because. 782 more words


The Equitable Division of Parenting Tasks in a Same-sex Female Household

As individuals, we know that every household is different. We share different beliefs to our neighbours, eat different foods and buy household items to our own personal tastes…usually insulting the poor taste of everybody else whilst we’re at it. 910 more words


Hearing the <3 beat for the first time

16 weeks today!

I was feeling quite good for the last week or so but unfortunately this morning I felt nauseous again and threw up (can’t wait for this morning sickness to end!) 381 more words

Parenting: Gay vs Straight. Who Really Does it Better?

The topic of same-sex parenting is unfortunately still a hot bed of hatred and venom for the most part, but that stands to reason when it’s still illegal to marry somebody of the same-sex in certain countries. 1,627 more words


Can Non-biological Mums Breastfeed?

Before our tiny humans have even made it safely out of the love tunnel, we’re bombarded with information about the benefits of breastfeeding, and why we would be doing our children a disservice should we wish to join the dark side – formula feeding! 731 more words


The good, the bad, and the slimy!

My very first post. How exciting! It seems only appropriate to start from the very beginning and share how our priceless journey into parenthood began. As a very honest and to-the-point person, I’ll warn you in advance that… 1,419 more words

Same Sex Parenting

My Son Has Two Moms: Our Beautiful IVF Baby,and Your IVF Questions Answered!

No, he does not have 1 biological mom and 1 step-mom. My son has 2 moms because his parents are both females in a same-sex relationship. 930 more words