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Media's influence on my 3 year old with 2 mom

The lack of same sex couples on children’s programs is finally getting to my 3 year old daughter. She is quite intelligent and always has been advanced. 525 more words


And so it begins...

I have wanted a family ever since I can remember and i’m lucky enough to have found a beautiful girl who wants the same thing. After discussing, researching, crying and thinking…A LOT, we finally have a meeting with a fertility clinic tomorrow that we are both excited and terrified about. 280 more words


When I was 17 I thought love was butterflies and holding hands. When I was 19 I mistook codependence for love. When I was 20 I lost love and she found her way back to me. 92 more words

The Beginning

I’ve been planning this post, in my head, for a very long time.  How I should introduce myself, and my family, and the reason for starting this blog in the first place.   521 more words

Our Growing Family

The most objective study of same-sex parenting

The effect of same-sex parenting on child development is a highly politicized research topic. Various studies have come to different conclusions. Most studies suffer from sampling bias, too few participants, etc. 290 more words


The dreaded 2ww...

So I am in that awful 2ww between ovulation and aunt flow showing up. I am trying so hard this cycle not to symptom spot but am failing quite miserably at it! 283 more words

Cycle 4 & a Supermoon...

We are currently in cycle 4- 3 inseminations down with 1 more to go.

I am feeling really positive about this cycle, actually more positive then I have been throughout this whole process. 178 more words