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Let me start off by saying this; I am not a great writer. In fact, I was a little bit hesitant in even starting this blog for that reason alone. 294 more words


Food, food, food.

So today for the first time I cooked us a dinner and saved a little plate of it for my miracle to eat tomorrow. Not a hugely momentous occasion for some of you I am sure. 12 more words


Working Mum’s

So today I had the dreaded ordeal of returning to work after the Christmas break. In many aspects as a teacher I am extremely lucky with the breaks I get. 172 more words


Christmas Spirit

Can a 5 month old get excited for Christmas? Before this year I would definitely have said no they are too young. However, I maybe changing my response to yes after this week. 160 more words



15th December 2017

Today the dreaded teeth have made an appearance again. She already has two at the bottom. I think the top ones are pushing through now. 83 more words



News is in that Sir Ninian Stephen, former Governor-General of Australia, has died aged 94.

On reading accounts of his rather unusual early life, I like to think, or at least hope, that he voted yes in the current postal survey, health permitting.

Foster parents: Two dads redefining the meaning of family - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

When John Guthrie and Dennis Cash announced their plan to foster teenagers almost 20 years ago their friends thought they had rocks in their head. 15 more words

Marriage Equality