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BOY OH BOY..... Wait...

I was convinced I was having a boy. But my little princess has proved me wrong today by showing us she’s a girl at our morphology scan. 57 more words

Moving forward, and a bit of heavy reflection

Met with the FS this morning. She really is lovely, and I always feel better after meeting with her- no question is stupid, and she takes the time to consider and respond. 1,448 more words

And so it begins

So Ive started a blog. The diary I was keeping elsewhere online wasn’t cutting it anymore, so Im moving here for a place to output my self involved musing and questioning. 286 more words

The Elephant in the Room

I’d like to coin a new phrase, which is completely original and nobody has ever thought of it before: “Addressing the elephant in the room.” 972 more words


Sorry, D&G - I'm on team Elton

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana spoke out in their interview with Panorama magazine about their beliefs on IVF, specifically how they believe that IVF is wrong and that children born to this method are ‘Synthetic’ 326 more words



I am quite frankly astounded at the recent comments by designers Dolce and Gabbana about IVF children being wrong because they are synthetic and only “tradiontional” families should have children. 372 more words