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Are children of same-sex parents at a disadvantage?

Roughly three years ago the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. This landmark decision not only altered marriages, but families. Despite this being the legal reality, we should still ask ourselves whether or not this is best for children. 1,900 more words


What is a "Yaya"?

As I walked  away from the enclosed playground, little fingers grasping mine, I wondered why I acted in that fearful way. Did I intentionally-again- omit my relationship with my son. 1,425 more words


The Beginnings

**Little bit of required background before continuing….. When we had been messaging the guys, back in the beginning, asking if there was a chance of them considering donating, I had also commented that if they were to ever consider having a family, I would be happy to be a surrogate for them. 861 more words


Submission re Queensland Registering Life Events Discussion Paper

The following is my submission in response to the Queensland Government Registering Life Events: Recognising sex and gender diversity and same-sex families Discussion Paper. For more information on this review, go… 1,464 more words


Falter at the First Hurdle.

I was trying to concentrate on driving, but knew this conversation was going to come up at some point. I had anticipated these words getting closer and closer to being spoken out loud and had been dreading the thought of them being said as it would just make it more of a reality… 957 more words


My First Post.

I am currently sitting on my bed, its 730am and I am too scared to make the journey to make a cup of coffee (that i can practicaly taste!) And why….? 256 more words



Let me start off by saying this; I am not a great writer. In fact, I was a little bit hesitant in even starting this blog for that reason alone. 294 more words