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Getting started at the clinic

It was the middle of May 2017 when we decided we were going to start our reciprocal IVF journey… ASAP! Until that point, we’d planned to start in the summer of 2018, to hopefully have a child around the time I graduate college in spring 2019. 832 more words


How to conceive??

Before we met, my wife and I had always known that we wanted children. And we knew that we were going to end up partnered with another woman. 367 more words


A blog about reciprocal IVF

The Internet is full of information for couples trying to conceive, but that information is overwhelmingly meant for opposite-sex couples. I’m not in one of those, so it’s been a bit frustrating. 92 more words


Two Men & A Kid

This is my first venture into the world of blogging. I’ve never really had much to say, I suppose. I mean… I’ve always had a lot to say, but maybe never much that people wanted to hear! 121 more words


Lesbian couples and family creation

As a psychologist I frequently get asked if my job is hard or sad, and yes, sometimes it is, but one of the real highlights of my work is the donor conception counselling I do with lesbian couples planning to use altruistically donated semen.   256 more words


Our family is far from traditional in dynamic. We are two white women, married to each other. We have three children who were born in Guatemala, one who is Black, and we co-parent with my wife’s former partner, also a woman. 779 more words

Osaka becomes the first Japanese city to recognise same-sex foster parents

Moving towards a more inclusive society, the city of Osaka recognised two men as foster parents of a teenage boy.

Marking a first for Japan, the city government in Osaka has formally recognised two men as foster parents of a teenage boy. 141 more words

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