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Love, Lesbians and Fathers

As Father’s Day approaches, I pause to think of how our family’s celebration of Father’s Day may differ from the average American family. That happens sometimes when you double the maternal and scratch the paternal.  407 more words

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Last weekend I was one of the main organizers of a Street Party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday. It was a fabulous occasion bringing together over 100 people from about 25 households out of the thirty-nine who live on our road with games, quizzes, a raffle, and of course, a BBQ and good food […]

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My mummies love me...

A friend gave us a present for Pingu on the weekend. It was such a gorgeous gesture and it was Pingu’s first present! It’s so lovely to see how loved Pingu is already. 85 more words

Same-sex Parents

'Do a little dance...'

We got to see our little Pingu again today! We had a quick scan with our fertility specialist, who was more than happy to cater to our request. 185 more words

Same-sex Parents

Fortune Cookies 

We had Chinese for lunch with Carla’s family today. We each got a fortune cookie. Mine is the top one and Carla’s is the bottom one. 23 more words

Same-sex Parents

Milk is Carla's best friend

So last night I was all nice and comfy in bed. I was crocheting a granny square blanket. I was warm and yep, just very comfortable. 179 more words

Same-sex Parents