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A Sure Fire Way to Lose Your Parent Friends

Yesterday was the Baby’s birthday party. It went amazingly well. I was a bit worried the Baby would be somewhat overwhelmed by it all but apart from a few wobbles he loved all the attention. 218 more words


My Own Greek Goddess Moment

You know those painting of Greek gods lounging around while some someone feeds them peeled grapes? I’m wondering if the painter used some artist license. 22 more words


A One Year Old Smart Aleck

The Baby has learned to point. I thought this milestone would alleviate some of his frustrations as he found a way to communicate his wants and needs to us. 76 more words


Like Mother, Like Son...Apparently

Every day the Baby gets a little older, a little more independent and a little more able. It’s really fun to watch him acquire new skills. 111 more words


It was like a cross between 'Jurassic Park' and 'The Birds'

All was quiet in the Poop Rainbows house until the Mummy’s butt touched the sofa and the rustle of a plastic wrapper ripped through the silence. 59 more words


Next Generation

Got to meet my friend’s little baby boy today, Innes. They are the first out of my uni friends to have a baby so next level of adulthood. 79 more words


The Mama and the Mummy's Three Year Anniversary

A rare soppy one- apologies. Toilet humor will resume tomorrow.

To the Mummy,

When we met four years ago I don’t think either of us realized we were starting something big. 246 more words