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It's worse than Christmas Eve

Mostly because we don’t know when Santa Stork will come!  We are very excited for our baby girl to arrive.  Yep, that makes three of us under one roof.   182 more words

The Danger of a Single Image

Children’s books featuring non-traditional families, particularly same-sex parents, have slowly entered the mainstream, with titles like King & King (2004), and tango makes three (2005), and  671 more words

Book Philia

The Trial For Marriage Equality in Michigan Continues

Second class citizens. Unfit parents. Sinners. The protesters in front of the courthouse parade their beliefs in your face, judging you, mentally spitting where you walk. 195 more words


Answer to a Rhetorical Question

Well you see, a long time ago all the mommies and daddies were pretty much the same. Individual mommy-and-daddy pairs might be different from one another, but each set was matched precisely. 709 more words