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Reblog from Monk's Hobbit: Homosexual ideology as a religion: a response to Lea Salonga

Homosexual ideology as a religion: a response to Lea Salonga

Photo credit: Lea Salonga by Marky 198

In this blog post, I shall first collect all the recent views of Lea Salonga regarding same sex marriage and then comment on them. 2,900 more words


My Sincere Apologies to the People of Australia for Inflicting Katy Faust Upon You

It’s not every day that one gets blamed on national television for subjecting an entire country to veiled bigotry. Apparently the reason Mrs. Faust got on an aeroplane and flew to the other end of the world to continue promoting bigotry was that I outed her identity ( 838 more words

Christianity and Homosexuality

(“They” said never talk about religion and politics. Am I killing two birds with one stone here?)

Thank you for your open mind and your consideration as you read this. 2,598 more words

A Catholic Response to Obergefell v. Hodges

With the recent Supreme Court decision Obergefell v. Hodges, Bishop Conley asked his priests this past weekend to make an announcement, which he had written regarding to case, and reiterate the Church’s teaching in our homilies. 2,186 more words

Italy: Minister on hunger strike as Senate blocks same-sex unions

Yesterday I wrote about a Chinese lesbian couple and the sacrifices they and others advocates make to win equal civil rights for LGBT people.

Today, another LGBT advocate is in the news, this time in Italy. 235 more words

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