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Character Visualization Exercise no 16 : Hearts Engaged

“Sameera beta  what are you  thinking about ?” Parth enquires raising his enormous solid head from the screen of his big lenevo  laptop on which he has been typing his love story  – a tale of two matured individuals who have done collectable mistakes during their hay days  by sitting  in his study room. 541 more words

#AZCHALLENGE M for Messed up

Sameera messed up everything ,

Jay is stunned  in disbelieve ,

That his dear darling wife  is forced to leave his paradise ,

By his traitor mom , 50 more words

Prompt Writing

Why the Adidas, Here To Create campaign, is EPIC

Public relations in its general gist is all about communication. Communicating with an individual, communicating an idea, communicating an idea to an individual and communicating that idea to a niche, an audience, publics, target markets, stakeholders. 1,053 more words