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It's time for same sex marriage Australia

Ireland recently voted in favour of marriage equality becoming the 18th country to allow same sex couples the right to marry.

Back home in Australia pressure is mounting on the federal government to change the marriage act to give equal rights to same sex couples. 279 more words


Let's Hear It For Ireland

Having only known the connotations of Irish people being loud, Catholic, red haired individuals who always know where the best bar is, I’ll admit I was surprised to hear that Ireland was surprised when I open up my Twitter a few days ago to see the hashtag #IrelandVoteYes trending. 180 more words


'If you read this you are gay' - A love letter to Ireland

Today is the day! The Irish people will vote on whether to give same-sex marriage equal constitutional status and I for one cannot wait. After the shock of the UK Gen El I am pinning a lot of political hope on our Irish neighbours. 455 more words

Ted Cruz's Nightmare Begins! He's Ordered Into Mandatory Same Sex Marriage! Mary's Got The Details!

After working up crowds with his claim that same-sex marriage was going to be mandatory very soon, Ted Cruz faced his second* greatest fear today, when he received his official indoctrination papers from the Gay Mafia, demanding he report for gay basic training in Palm Springs, the day after Memorial Day in order to prepare him for his mandatorily assigned, same-sex spouse. 202 more words


Take 5 for 5.

1. Picasso painting sets world record at auction (TIME)

2. Ireland asks their electorate to vote for same-sex marriage (BuzzFeed)

3. Grown up wisdom sponsored by Roald Dahl ( 18 more words


I NEED Your Help: Vote YES.

Everyone has on opinion about weddings. It’s fun to have opinions about weddings; everyone loves talking about them. From the moment you walk into the church or wedding venue, most people are thinking “I love the flowers” or “I hate the mother of the groom’s hat” or “getting here was a nightmare, but the view is lovely.” We all complain about what we’ve spent to be there, we judge the brides-maids dresses and the food, and generally pick apart every long thought-out detail. 827 more words