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Bronte's Story

Hey everyone,

My amazing friend Bronte has written a post for you all. From a gay person’s perspective, he will talk to you about his opinion on marriage equality, and what it is like being a gay teenager in society today. 308 more words

The feminist in me is clawing her way out.

Hey guys!

So, recently I started listening to The Guilty Feminist,  a podcast hosted by Deborah Frances-White and Sofie Hagen, and is a very real, usually blunt discussion on how we do, as 21st century women, want to make a difference in the world and see that men and women have equal opportunities (I’m not here to drill the idea of feminism into you, I promise), but also discusses how, as 21st century women, we are loaded with ‘hypocrisies and insecurities that undermine these goals and views.’ 1,189 more words


It is okay to disagree to same-sex marriage

As I expected, the number of Australians who voted for Yes to the same-sex marriage was higher than no voters.
So I decided to post this but before I begin, I want to make sure about my intention of this post. 611 more words


Future of Marriage

I voted YES because I do not believe that heterosexuals like me are finer human beings than homosexuals, nor are we entitled to any special privileges. 796 more words


Don't Get Me Started: Same-Sex Marriage.

“ voted yes for fairness, they voted yes for commitment, they voted yes for love.” – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

It makes me tremendously happy that this vote has come to a close, and that Australia supports same-sex marriage.

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Don't Get Me Started

Yes Vote Disqualified For Dual Citizenship

Yes has been ruled ineligible to win the SSM postal vote after admitting that it is a citizen of several other languages.

“Yes has not taken any steps to denounce its citizenship of the French language where it is known as “oui” or Spanish where it is called “si”. 154 more words