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Strange connections: Peters Edwards

This is something odd that I’ve come across in the course of my Earth Energy survey work. I learned about this from a BBC Wales report while researching the area afterwards: 671 more words


Unholy Passion EP: Samhain

Rating: 90%

Over the weekend, I was able to pick up a copy on vinyl, this little treasure by one of my favorite bands, Samhain. The vinyl is splattered orange and is a reissue, but…at least I have a copy of it on vinyl now. 251 more words

Heavy Metal

Tuning into the seasons

This week is Lammastide, or more officially August 1 was Lammas or Lughnasadh. The Pagan wheel of the year from which these calendar markers come from, is I’ve found, one that’s worth looking into if you want to break away from commercially enforced seasonal markers. 435 more words

89 days to Halloween <3

I’ve just seen this picture on Pinterest and got this nostalgic warm feeling immediately ;)

It should be about 89 days to Halloween today.

Of course I live by “Everyday is Halloween” but I go absolutely crazy in October and can’t wait til it’s finally there, but would like to stretch out the days at the same time!

Have a spooky day!


Chapter 28: Departure

Day 375, Isle of Searbh

“But why are you going? We’re supposed to go together!” Fiachra demanded of his brothers. “With Riagan, not with Brighid and Carrick. 1,715 more words


Chapter 1 (Part 2): The Hooded Figure

Suddenly, a green light flashed and Relvet was standing in a grassy field. The trees that lined the forest seemed to glow with admiration. Light surrounded her and danced like fireflies. 431 more words