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Wheel of the Year

Song: Wheel of the Year
Artist: Moonstruck
Album: Witch of the Wildwoods
Year: 1999

The Wheel of the Year is an Unending Circle,¬†Unending circle, unending circle… 65 more words


Come To The Labyrinth

Song: Come To The Labyrinth
Artist: S.J. Tucker
Album: Blessings

Walk between the worlds, bravely down the candle road.
The light will lead you deep into your core. 300 more words


52 Week Blog Challenge ~ Week 5 ~ My Favorite Holiday 

I’d have to say that my favorite holiday is Halloween or Samhain.

That’s probably because my favorite season is fall and I love practically everything about fall, including its major holiday. 151 more words


Danzig - "Black Laden Crown" Album Review

At age 61, Glenn Danzig’s voice is as good as it’s ever been…if not even better.

Black Laden Crown is the new album by Danzig finally given the appropriate respect by the almighty Nuclear Blast.   349 more words

Music Reviews

Black Aria II: Glenn Danzig

Rating: 60%

In 2006, I was excited to hear the release of Black Aria II. After purchasing the CD, and listening to it, I was disappointed. 86 more words


Black Aria: Glenn Danzig

Rating: 90%

In 1992, Glenn Danzig released an instrumental neoclassical record called “Black Aria.” I remember when I purchased the record and read the insert and it said, “This is not a rock record.” I thought to myself, hummm! 135 more words


Live At The Whiskey-A-Go-Go: Misfits

Rating: 85%

Released more or less as a bootleg in 1982, this Misfits live album is another look into the last moments of the Glenn Danzig era. 120 more words