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The Thinning Veil

I’m finally really seeing and appreciating the connection with ANZAC Day and Samhain.

In Australia and New Zealand, ANZAC Day is the day we commemorate those who went to war, those who fought and died, those who may or may not have returned home. 594 more words

Around The Cauldron

Conceiving, Imagining ... the New at Samhain

In the PaGaian version of Samhain/Deep Autumn ceremony participants journey to the Luminous World Egg … a term taken from Starhawk’s The Spiral Dance (p.210), where she also names that place as “The Shining Isle”, which is of course, the Seed of conception, a metaphor for the female egg: it is the place for rebirth. 600 more words

PaGaian Cosmology

The veil is thin

I play this every year at Samhain. Wendy Rule is an Australian artist who was most popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I’m not sure if she’s still performing much these days, but this is a classic. 380 more words


Halloween and Hope

At the end of April nature is dying in the Southern Hemisphere.  This is our Halloween, traditionally time to remember our beloved dead.  In Aotearoa the focus is on Anzac Day and those who died in war.  96 more words

Seasons & Cycles

Approaching Winter

It’s funny, the ‘dark half’ of the year in Australia isn’t that dark. Sure, the weather cools (a little), however in Sydney at least, it’s not the harshness of a Northern hemisphere Winter. 370 more words