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"Like the great-grandmother sat next to the fire" - Introducing our Cailleach

“I think the crone is part of us accepting who we are and what you let go of.”

Who is the Cailleach and what does she have to do with Samhuinn 2017? 11 more words


Volunteer as a Steward at Samhuinn 2017

Those of you still looking for a way to get involved in Samuinn 2017 are in luck! Our Stewards are looking for more intrepid volunteers to join their team and help oversee the action at our next fire festival. 162 more words


"A really huge force of a season" - Meet our Winter King

“It moves in amazing, spectacular, sometimes alien-looking ways.”

We spoke to Callum Donald about winter’s powerful energy and how he plans to portray that as the Winter King at Samhuinn 2017.


Introducing the Samhuinn 2017 Court

Before battling it out to decide the fate of the changing seasons, our Samhuinn court came together to enjoy the last vestiges of summer outside. Here they are hatching plans for a stunning rendition of the oldest struggle of all – that between the Summer King and Winter King, overseen by the goddess figure, the Cailleach. 106 more words


Help us plan Samhuinn for families!

Family Samhuinn is a special event for kids aged 3-12 and grown-ups looking for a more traditional way to celebrate Hallowe’en. At the end of October, we will mark the end of summer and the drawing in of the winter months with an afternoon of spooky storytelling and drama games at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. 146 more words


Be part of our next festival - we still need you!

As well as the high-energy displays brought by our volunteer performers, the ancient story of Samhuinn, and a whole lot of fire, our festival would be nothing without our amazing production volunteers making things happen behind-the-scenes. 408 more words


Cailleach. Painting on cow skull. 2017.

I found a near-bare cow skull in a bog near here around 3 years ago. Since then it has bleached out nicely in the garden. A shout out from the Edinburgh Beltane crew inspired this take on the… 34 more words

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