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light reflections in the wind

This artwork is inspired by the Sanskrit name of Samira.  The name Samira has its known origins in Arabic and Sanskrit. It is a name of Goddess Durga and Lord Hanuman: Lord Hanuman is also known as Sameerudu (the name given to him while he was carrying the Sanjeevani mountain) from which the name Sameera is said to be derived. 127 more words


Samira, KLPAC

So we dropped by Samira again, my last post found here, for a late dinner sometime last week. I was stressing over the fact I couldn’t find my mosquito repellant. 401 more words

She Eats


Cursed are all my former grammar and vocabulary teachers for their wacky bad works on me,I don’t appreciate them that much.Though poor in grammar,I’m good at story telling.I can shockingly surprise you as much as I do to myself.At times,I do seat down and listen to myself for hours but stupid is you who would see that as a mild form of ADD.Anyway too much bout myself to the extent of my task today. 519 more words

Cute Puppy

Samira Zada

Samira Zada

   I have 5 children,  

     Loving family

     Love cooking

   Love friend

Meet people

Love traveling

Like helping people

Love kids


Samira, KLPAC Sentul

Whether you be dropping by to catch a live show at KLPAC or just looking for something different, Samira is the place to go. Hint: Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner. 408 more words

She Eats

Leila Samarrai: SAMIRA’S COMFORT, "The Second Birth Of Tragedy"

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You bite the poem under the tongue and words which made reminiscences into dust
They do not understand you, actrisa. 240 more words