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Sammich Pr0n - Pork with Slaw

The thing about roast pork is that you can reheat it in a skillet and it will produce more of those crispy bits that add so much flavor.   34 more words


Ghost Trick - Ghosts,detectives and INCREDIBLE MACHINE!

Requested by Spirit_Dreamer!

I did it!I finished my first NintendoDS game!That’s right!I’ve never played one before!All the emulators that I’ve tried in the past were acting up and whatnot.Still,guy-requester sent me the game along with a really good working emulator!Thanks a lot friend! 159 more words

Loaded Baked Potato Salad

I see this on offer at the Kroger deli pretty often and I’ve bought, and liked it, but it seemed a tad too expensive so I looked for a recipe.   121 more words


Breaded Meatballs

Mrs J drove into town to do her part at the shelter so I fiddled about in the kitchen.  I knew breaded meatballs were a thing but I’ve never tried any until today.   188 more words