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Weather Boosts Sales of Bread and Milk

Got colder.  Some places folks were warned it might snow.  In some regions of the country, it snowed a lot.  But here in the deep South, the few places that saw any snow at all was a scarce dusting that a mouse could walk through without boots. 824 more words



This has to be our first post, because the not-making-of-sammiches is usually the first sign of being a misandrist. 122 more words



I don’t often visit Arby’s.   When I do I am always sorta surprised by the variety of things on their menu.  I thought they just sold roast beef sammiches, curly fries, and jamocha shakes. 149 more words

Taste Test

Web Junk: Primanti Bros. Sammich Commercial

Primanti Bros. just came out with one clever tease of a commercial for the “Big Game”… Check it aaaaaht…

SNEAK PEEK: PBros. first ever commercial for the Big Game.

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Monkey Meteorology, Part 2 ...

Conversations with Monkey Sauce, cont…

Monkey Sauce: 

juno is currently the strongest storm on earth. yup. on the weather channel site, it says new york city is cancelled, lol… 44 more words


Headphone Sammich

Conversations with Monkey Sauce, cont….

RaptorRex (showing off my latest, rare purchases): “I am having a facial fashion show and you’re invited! Music Included”

Monkey Sauce: “Great! 78 more words