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Adventure in Sous Vide

I was hoping this pork shoulder would really take on a lot of the flavor of this mojo marinade when I vacuum sealed it in this… 232 more words


Got Reuben?

I picked up some corned beef while at the market getting those whole chickens to smoke.  We haven’t had fresh pastrami for a while and it seemed a waste to roll out the smoker just for the poultry.   131 more words


Ramona Family Naturals 

Ramona Family Naturals is dedicated to providing healthy food choices and to educate consumers on the importance of what they eat. RFN is a family owned and operated natural food market located in the heart of San Diego county. 74 more words


Mmmmm, Sammich!

My son made a sandwich so amazing that I had to take a picture. It’s ham, salame, two kinds of cheese, avocado, and tomato slices.

Photo A Day

Sammich Pr0n - Smoked Pork with Slaw

Some of that smoked shoulder along with sides of bean and potato salads with tomatoes and cucumbers in vinaigrette and a glass of sweet tea.  Mmm…mm.   16 more words



Yeah.  I said sammich.  I said meatball sammich and Arby’s in the same sentence.

It’s a happening.   You know Arby’s has the meats..and now that includes balls. 94 more words

Taste Test