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Meals on my Own: Roasted Chicken Sandwich, Michou

Michou Deli, Seattle, WA (Pike Place Market area)

Ordered: Roasted Chicken Sandwich. Served pressed and warmed! Very filling. Love the spread – pesto, lemon mayo, sun-dried tomatoes, greens, all on tasty slices of roasted chicken. 76 more words

Meals On My Own

Eggplant Parmesan Pizza Sammich 

Imagine you had a drive through window in your kitchen and neighbors were filing in by the dozens to get your tasty organic home made touch! 153 more words


My Homemade Adventure - Chicken Salad

In addition to going on food adventures, I also like to create my own.  Pix from a shoot attached.  This one highlights a recipe that I learned to make as a teen and perfected as a single person. 68 more words

Good Adventures

Sammich Pr0n - Cheesesteak

I really like the flat iron steaks for these, they are so easy to slice into thin strips and are good tasting, tender, and much cheaper than the rib eyes that are a standard for steak sandwiches.   94 more words


Sammich Pr0n - Pork with Slaw

The thing about roast pork is that you can reheat it in a skillet and it will produce more of those crispy bits that add so much flavor.   34 more words