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Pork and Pepper Jack Sammich!!!

Still have some of that pork left? Good. It’s sammy time.

I came up with this one by trial and error. Different rolls, different cheeses, different accoutrements, etc, etc, etc. 384 more words


Sammich Pr0n - Roast Pork

My dough shaping still needs a lot of work.  This one is long and skinny.  It would make a fair foot long hotdog bun.  I made it work with roasted and chopped pork today and it does manage the task in a workman like manner but without the élan I hoped for.   13 more words


TOGO'S Sandwiches

I’m not the biggest wrap fan, but Togo’s did a pretty good job here. Even if the tortilla was green! Chicken Caesar salad wrap made fresh in front of me. 24 more words


The Power of Sammiches

For a long time, as I followed the manosphere, I would see guys talking about “sammiches” or “sandwiches” and how they wanted girls to make some. 376 more words


Monday Morning Grievance: Non-Words

It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

Yes, I have a long weekend. Yes, I’m still up early. No, I’m not going in to my office – even though I could get some things done . 360 more words


Meals on my Own: Roasted Chicken Sandwich, Michou

Michou Deli, Seattle, WA (Pike Place Market area)

Ordered: Roasted Chicken Sandwich. Served pressed and warmed! Very filling. Love the spread – pesto, lemon mayo, sun-dried tomatoes, greens, all on tasty slices of roasted chicken. 76 more words

Meals On My Own