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Sumatra Day 10 (March 12): Relaxing on Lake Toba

Today we slept in and just relaxed at the hotel enjoying the sunshine and the view.  We enjoyed a tasty lunch at the hotel (yay for guac and tempe sandwiches!)  My dad’s 65th birthday is the 14th and I wanted to celebrate early since Michael and I would be traveling on the actual day so I arranged a fun dinner at a local restaurant as well as a cake with candles!  85 more words


Sumatra Day 9 (March 11): Exploring Samosir Island

First we went to see traditional Batak houses houses with cannibalism history and a tour from a descendant of the tribe.  Both sexes marry very young as the goal is to have 16 daughters and 17 sons!  671 more words


Sumatra Day 8 (March 10): Travel to Lake Toba

**Sorry for getting lazy with the final posts! They are more of just notes and pictures instead of regular paragraphs!

First stop was Dokan village which is the home of a Karo tribe and several old traditional homes.  441 more words


Sumatra - Samosir Island

Around 75,000 years ago, the world experienced its largest ever volcanic eruption. This event covered all of South Asia in about 15 centimeters of ash, and cooled off our planet for the next 6-10 years. 930 more words


Lake Sidihoni, A Lake within Lake Toba

The scorching sun of Samosir Island that day could not hinder me from driving the rent motorcycle all the way up to the approximately altitude 1,300 meter of Lake Sidihoni. 408 more words


4 interesting facts why Samosir Island considered as one of the best tourist destination that must be visited by the tourists

Usually every time we plan to visit a tourist destination, it is really necessary to do a research on several important information and interesting/attracting things in one place with other places before deciding which one must be visited for eventually. 734 more words