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My mom’s beautiful Samoyed, Suni!

Top 10 giống chó đắt giá nhất thế giới

Tại nhiều quốc gia và khu vực trên thế giới, chó được coi như những thành viên thực sự của gia đình. Chúng được yêu thương, chiều chuộng hết mực và nhiều người đã sẵn sàng chi ra một khoản tiền lớn để được sở hữu và chăm sóc người bạn đặc biệt này. 1,418 more words


DT 349

Some days, exercised dogs (8) = SAMOYEDS

exercised = anagram (of some days)

Novelno motors in resort (8) = NOSTROMO

resort = anagram (of no motors), a novel by Joseph Conrad. 9 more words

DT Cryptic

He Say, He Sigh, He Sow #28

• They were going over a passage that, in Joyce’s opinion, was “still not obscure enough”, and inserting Samoyed words into it. — Gordon Bowker, James Joyce: A Biography (2012), pp. 448-9.


Summer Delight

“You must not for one instant give up the effort to build new lives for yourselves. Creativity means to push open the heavy, groaning doorway to life.” – Daisnku Ikeda… 213 more words


Gwendoogle Part CXV - Music, Writing, Alex, Alexandra, and Alepex

Answers served with a big hunk of artifact

Kate Kearney searched: Ideal summer day out?
I’ll wake up early, because the sun is up. I like sleeping, but I dislike arguing with the yellow sunlight bouncing through my window that seems to think my bed is a trampoline. 1,053 more words


Notes From My Dog

Stop putting bleach tabs in the toilet tank. I don’t pee in your coffee cup.

It takes time to mess up the rugs. Stop straightening them. 226 more words