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After all the anxiety I’ve been going through, I decided to contact my Samoyed breeder again and outright ask when I can expect a perfect little ball of fluff and happiness. 134 more words

Service Dog

Our floofy baby

Hello my little sugarplums !

We don’t have any kids and I can’t have children of my own (or the correct answer is its going to be really really really hard), so we have a dog-baby. 255 more words


First Contact

I’m at a scary place in my service dog journey.

Contacting breeders.

I’m more than sure I’m overreacting. This is probably when other people get excited because holy shit we’re/I’m really getting this amazing being in my life! 294 more words

Service Dog


I always thought that only Goldens or Labs could be service (visual or auditory assistance) dogs. Which is funny. Or dumb.

One of my elder sister’s best friends is deaf. 276 more words

Service Dog

Shake It Off and Smile

GOOD NEWS! You are in control of you – your thoughts, moods, assumptions. So carefully and mindfully make right choices each day. Change your thoughts, change your world. 165 more words



“Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience.” – Paul Cezanne

When “busy” is the only answer that you can muster when asked, “how are you?” It’s time to question the value and meaning of what you are busy with and at what expense. 78 more words



White as snow and its not Snow White but its Winter from Fairview. This five year old Samoy has beautiful fur, fluppy fur. Friendly but he prefers to mingle with other dogs.