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Theme and Variations.

Felted background with a variety of worms in wool, cotton, alpaca and beads.


Is It Free?

Someone once said, “The best things in life are free.” Now, when they said that, they probably were not referring to food samples in Sam’s Club or breadsticks in Olive Garden. 500 more words

Sneak peek!


I just thought I would let you in on a little sneaky peek of something!

Now, I’m not giving anything away at all as to what I’ve bought, but, I’ve been on The Sample Service website and I’ve bought a few little goodies to try out! 186 more words


Marketing Monday: The Sample Dilemma

Samples cause a lot of questions among decorators. Who should receive them? What impact does a sample have on bringing in new business? When should samples be offered? 642 more words


C̤̮o̤̮l̤̮o̤̮r̤̮e̤̮d̤̮ h̤̮a̤̮i̤̮r̤̮ w̤̮/o̤̮ C̤̮o̤̮l̤̮o̤̮r̤̮i̤̮n̤̮g̤̮ 

I̤̮ r̤̮e̤̮c̤̮e̤̮n̤̮t̤̮l̤̮y̤̮ h̤̮a̤̮d̤̮ t̤̮h̤̮e̤̮ ṳ̮r̤̮g̤̮e̤̮ t̤̮o̤̮ c̤̮o̤̮l̤̮o̤̮r̤̮ m̤̮y̤̮ h̤̮a̤̮i̤̮r̤̮. I̤̮ h̤̮a̤̮v̤̮e̤̮ a̤̮l̤̮w̤̮a̤̮y̤̮s̤̮ b̤̮e̤̮e̤̮n̤̮ t̤̮h̤̮e̤̮ t̤̮y̤̮p̤̮e̤̮ t̤̮o̤̮ g̤̮o̤̮ b̤̮i̤̮g̤̮ o̤̮r̤̮ g̤̮o̤̮ h̤̮o̤̮m̤̮e̤̮. I̤̮ w̤̮a̤̮n̤̮t̤̮e̤̮d̤̮ t̤̮o̤̮ d̤̮o̤̮ s̤̮o̤̮m̤̮e̤̮t̤̮h̤̮i̤̮n̤̮g̤̮ f̤̮ṳ̮n̤̮ a̤̮n̤̮d̤̮ e̤̮x̤̮t̤̮r̤̮e̤̮m̤̮e̤̮. 858 more words


Topbox Review: May - June 2016

Happy summer! I am super excited for this summer as it will be a combination of fun followed by school (eek!) as my course work is starting in August and not September, but before that, I am going to be out enjoying summer as much as humanly possible. 737 more words


Beauty Samples

Fangirls, I order from Ulta a lot. I like their brands, prices, and all of their stuff. One of my favorite things, though, is that they will always gladly put a sample pack into your box before shipping it out to you, and they’re little surprise presents for you, from Ulta. 268 more words