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Pestering Sin

Fighting sin and temptation is a constant struggle. It’s a daily struggle. Sometimes a sin can seem completely unappealing to you at first. It can look like nothing you would ever want to take part in, but then it begins to chip away. 306 more words


Episode 36: Judges 13-16

Jordan and Luci discuss the life of Samson.

Listen here.


  • Turns out there’s not a Buzzfeed quiz for “Would you date a Samson?” but there is…
  • 134 more words

Random - PetMania

I love animals especially cats !! There was this episode of life where I found one on the street. An abandoned cat. I was… 179 more words



Samson was a judge over the people of Israel for 20 years. Samson was a Nazarite. There were three marks of a Nazarite; he could not touch any dead animal, he could not drink wine, or cut his hair. 192 more words



Countless grey entities enjoy dragging liquid flesh across my chest at random intervals in my life – I decided to be like Samson and never again cut my hair – Christmas Past and Present keep trying to tear me apart while Christmas Future offers me mangos and sex on the beach – I will look like a lion if I’m not careful – of my ghostly tormentors, the worst are the foxes – The beard is always the first to run the crucible, the awkward stages drawing in the razor’s edge – The biggest challenge was getting all those Philistines into my bathroom to watch the act – The bottle of wine helped guide Delilah’s hand along my ass of a mandible – The ghosts offer me honey and aftershave for this most excellent feat.


Loc Journey (and a little History)

Last month my Locs turned eight years old!

I intended to write about this then but life happened.

I started my Loc Journey February 3, 2009. 752 more words


"...But Before Long..."

There’s power in the word, “but.”

No really, there is.

That sounds really cheesy to say so, but in reality, it really is powerful. It’s easy to forget the impact the word “but” has because the horrible activity that is usually associated with it can appear to drown out the word. 1,066 more words