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Inspired Action

One of the struggles we have to face as disciples of Jesus is that Who we worship refuses to conform to our imaginations.  Jesus, Yahweh, God refuses to be Who we expect or imagine Him to be.  932 more words

Biblical Interpretation

Humour in the Bible

Psalm 2:4 (KJV)

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

People seem to get upset when I tell them that there are funny moments in the Bible, as though the very idea of humour is blasphemous. 570 more words


The Riddler Judge

Characters in Scripture continually surprise me.  They bring out my prejudices revealing areas of pride in my heart. For some reason, I am constantly surprised at the sophistication of Bronze Age II people, including the Israelis.  1,430 more words

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Surprising Quality

Why do “superheroes” have an “alter ego”?  According to the Incredibles it’s to provide some measure of privacy or semblance of a normal life to balance the superhero life.  975 more words

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I never considered the power of my own hair until I was shaving it all away.

It is so much easier maintaining a shaved head than a full head of hair, and I need to take all the easy shortcuts I can if I’m going to try and make a full year of traveling. 157 more words


Spoiled Brat Judge

Have you ever seen other people’s kids whom you want to slap, just because of how they treat their parents?  It goes without saying, if you have kids, you’ve wanted to slap them at some point.  816 more words

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