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Harga dan Spesifikasi Samsung Galaxy S4

DewaElektronik.com – Anda pasti tak asing mendengar nama Samsung Galaxy S4, karena ponsel ini merupakan salah satu smartphone tercanggih yang pernah dibuat Samsung. Smarpthone yang diperkenalkan pertama kali pada tahun 2013 tersebut, tetap menawarkan beragam fitur menarik dan teknologi canggih yang mampu memenuhi seluruh kebutuhan mobil Anda. 835 more words


Verizon Trip

So on this past Thursday I spent my day going over to Auburn NY. Why well to check out some new phones at Verizon guess the title of this post kind of gave that one away a little. 260 more words


Cellular Country Halloween Deals

Because of the supports and many folks, today Cellular country offers Halloween deals in big names in mobile industry and major carriers.

Cellular country complaints… 20 more words

Cellular Country Complaints

Traffic due to Google's Panda update

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No Audio, Samsung Galaxy S4

A few weeks ago, my phone’s APN list got corrupted, causing me to lose mobile data; a series of firmware flashes, modem updates, and backups and restores fixed the APN problem, but now the entire sound subsystem is non-functional. 245 more words


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A person you could always count on

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