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ASUS ZEN Festival - Where Superpowers Will Be Unleashed

Smartphones have now become something very important to the human life. From their basic purpose of keeping people connected, now their application extends to the fulfillment of one’s media requirements and many other smart features on the go which rule out the use of many smaller devices. 161 more words

Conx2share !! Share Life As You Live it !!!


Conx2share is a one-stop mobile application for all your digital communication. Innovative communications features, a first of its kind social media network and easy to use communications hub sharing your custom content to other accounts are just some of the reasons Conx2share is your future app.


Conx2share !!! Share Life As You Live It .. !!!

Conx2share makes it easy to share messages, pictures, videos, blogs, posts, and more – all from the same app. With simple, intuitive, and beautiful design, we know you are going to love making Conx2share your new home for social media. 


'Gunjack,' a VR space shooter that puts you in the cockpit

You’re sitting in the pilot seat of a cutting-edge spacecraft outfitted with two heavy-duty turrets. The inky universe expands around you and begins to populate with enemy ships: You pull the triggers and shoot them down, gathering new ammunition for more coordinated, deadly attacks and powering up your craft. 70 more words


Samsung DW80H9970US Dishwasher Review

It’s not an overstatement to say the debut of the Samsung DW80H9970US  marks a historic moment in dishwasher technology. The first time we encountered the DW80H9970US was on the show floor of the 2014 International CES. 13 more words