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S7 13-14: Mechanical monsters

Samurai 7 episodes 13-14 review

Don’t get me wrong, Samurai 7 has been a mixed bag up to this point. But like the episodes I watched last week, these ones contained so much action that it was hard not to be entertained. 215 more words

S7 9-12: Something happened on the way to heaven

Samurai 7 episodes 9-12 review

Something funny happened on the way of Samurai 7 becoming irrelevant… it became pretty good. We’ve met our seven samurai, and most of them have differing personalities. 87 more words

S7 7-8: The word "samurai"

Samurai 7 episodes 7-8 review

Have you ever noticed that football announcers love to say the word “football”? “He’s a real football player.” “They’re playing great football.” “He didn’t make a football move.” 84 more words

S7 5-6: Michiko & Samurai

Samurai 7 episodes 5-6 review

Samurai 7 has turned into Michiko & Hatchin. We once had a coherent plot with some direction; now we’re just going every which way the wind blows. 71 more words

Crunchyroll Adds Four Anime to Its Streaming Catalog

Crunchyroll has announced that it has added the following four anime to its streaming catalog:

  • Space Dandy – available to users in the United States and Canada, and for Premium Members in Iceland, Sweden, and Norway…
  • 45 more words

S7 3-4: Champloo-esque

Samurai 7 episodes 3-4 review

Samurai 7 seems to be a carbon copy of Samurai Champloo. There’s a quest to find the sunflower samurai… 158 more words

S7 1-2: The Search for Spock

Samurai 7 episodes 1-2 review

Samurai 7 is different from the other series I review. There’s no humor here; rather, it’s all serious. Basically, the main characters live in a rice-making village which gets pillaged by bandits. 191 more words