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How to Kill a Samurai: Part 1. How NOT to kill a Samurai!

Modern sporting Kendo came into mainstream popularity in Japan and later the west after the defeat of the Japanese empire by the Americans at the end of the second world war. 991 more words

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Police find 'Nazi man cave' filled with weapons after arresting Bear Grylls fan carrying axe and arrows

Daniel Joyner said there was a possibility society would “fail” and he wanted to be prepared

Police found a “man cave” filled with weapons and a Nazi flag after a man carrying an axe and arrows was found walking down a road wearing a gas mask. 359 more words


Martial Arts Clendenin WV

Elk River Boxing Club has Shotokan Karate classes every Monday And Thursday at 7pm. Also we offer weapons class on Wednesdays at 7pm the Katana (samurai sword ) and Jo ( short Staff) are taught . 8 more words

Police: Man Brandishing Samurai Sword In Custody After Standoff

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Authorities say a man is in custody after he threatened his parents and police with a samurai sword during a standoff with officers at his Philadelphia home. 140 more words


Debunking Chiburi

I have always been told by one of my instructors that chiburi is the act of removing blood from the sword, in fact he has even stated this at events and demonstrations. 59 more words

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How to fix your rattling sword!

So you’ve bought a katana. it wasn’t a particularly expensive one, it only set you back a couple hundred pounds but despite that it feels good. 617 more words

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เปลี่ยนการตัดผมแบบเดิมๆ ให้ท้าทายขึ้นด้วยฟืนไฟ และดาบซามูไร?!

เห็นคลิปสั้นๆ ผ่าน Facebook เลยอดไม่ได้ที่จะค้นต่อทันที และมาเขียนเล่าให้ฟังในฐานะคนชอบทำผม ถึงความน่าทึ่งของการตัดผมสไตล์ใหม่ของ Samurai Salon ด้วยเปลวเพลิง และคมดาบเพื่อผมสวย มันคัลท์จริงๆนะ เธอว์! 31 more words