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Fight! Fight! FIGHT!

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Sci-fi author (and occasional Kotaku weekend custodian) Peter Tieryas has a new book in his United States of Japan series coming, and once again it’s all about…well, look, it’s all in the name: Mecha Samurai Empire. 123 more words


Camp like a samurai with the new Outdoor Kimono from Japanese apparel brand Snow Peak

Now you can enjoy the great outdoors with the comfort and style of an outdoor warrior. 467 more words


Llega el primer tráiler promocional del filme "Peacemaker Kurogane".

Para aquellos amantes de las historias de samurais, “Peacemaker Kurogane” seguro será uno de los títulos del jidaimono, género narrativo que suele estar centrado en la época del Japón feudal, antes del periodo Edo, puesto que en el shogunato Tokugawa estaba prohibido representar los problemas sociales de dichos tiempos. 108 more words

Persona 4: Unqueering the Franchise Part 2

Please read Part 1 before reading this, it will make worlds more sense.

Again, this bears repeating that this essay was written in 2016.

In this portion of the essay, I got a bit more into talk about Japan and its history with LGBTQ+ and the relationship with the West. 882 more words


What Were the Beliefs of the Samurai?

The medieval Japanese warriors known as the samurai have been a source of fascination for people throughout the world for several centuries, and for good reason – they were among the most elite warriors in human history. 251 more words


The Physics Behind a Fake Flying Samurai Battle

(Source: www.wired.com)

This video shows a battle between samurai with jet packs. Don’t get excited—it’s fake.

How do I know? There are a few obvious signs of fake-itude, starting with the shaking camera. 592 more words



The sound of metal on metal stirred her from her sleep. The alarm had not been raised, so it probably meant one thing.

The Shining Princess of the Radiant Moonlight Kaguya (to give her one of her shorter titles…) rose from her bed and made her way over to the veranda overlooking the inner courtyard. 1,062 more words