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Full Disclosure, I have been paid by Ubisoft to state only positive things about For Honor that was released today in the west. The game I found to be a welcome suprise. 247 more words

Gamer K

What'cha Watchin'? - Samurai Champloo

Thanks to For Honor, I’ve been in a samurai mood, so I figured it was time to catch up on some samurai anime that I’ve never finished. 392 more words

The 'For Honor' Singleplayer Mode Has An Engaging Story That Also Sets Up The Multiplayer

As many people would know, For Honor is the latest game that has been released by gaming giant, Ubisoft. Within its virtual walls, players can control an array of heroes from three differing warrior factions – the Knights, the Vikings and the Samurai, that are thrust into close capacity and are warring with one another for spoils and for honor (yeah I wrote that). 496 more words

A glimpse into the inspiration for Joakim's new album, "Samurai"

Joakim is an incredibly special musician. His musical abilites reach far beyond just making and sharing his music. I cannot summarize this better than was done by his PR representatives at Pitch Perfect PR so here is a direct copy and paste of his incredibly rich list of his talents: 264 more words

For Honor

For honor is a game that recently came out for the Xbox One, Ps4, and the PC. The game has probably one of the most unique combat systems I have ever used. 135 more words

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Samurai Champloo: Review

As requested by one of my awesome followers, Erised Moon, I am finally reviewing a distinctive anime classic from the early 2000’s called Samurai Champloo… 1,215 more words


Full Stormblood Trailer & Samurai!

I’m sure most people who read this blog already know the big news from the weekend, but just in case you haven’t seen it, the full Stormblood trailer was released at the Frankfurt FanFest: 486 more words