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Introducing the first episode of Smashed!
Sometimes we canĀ get to caught up in the moment to not even realize that it’s not over when we think it is. 20 more words


Episode 8: Metroid Fusion & Cinder by Marissa Meyer

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for a new video!

Late on a Monday, here is Game & Read Episode 8: Ladies in Spaaaace! Peter readĀ  69 more words


Metroid: Other M Review

When Metroid: Other M was released on the Nintendo Wii in 2010, it looked to bring a greater emphasis to storytelling and character development to the Metroid series. 1,072 more words

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Kiva vs Samus

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This is going to be another close loss for Kiva. I’d say that his physical stats are all fairly close to Samus. They’re both very fast as well as very strong. 53 more words


Metroid Review

For thirty years, the Metroid series has been one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises. Many consider it to be one of the “Big Three” Nintendo properties, alongside Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda (in all fairness, Donkey Kong should probably be included as well and make it a “Big Four”). 784 more words

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This Week In Bead Sprites: Metroid and Minis

Hey friends, here is a new feature I will be doing weekly about my crafting hobby of making bead sprites. Each week I’ll pick a theme, make some pieces, and highlight other bead spriters from Instagram. 363 more words

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