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Flashback Review: Metroid Prime

I sat here at my desk staring at my shelf of old school games figuring out which one I wanted to review for a Flashback Review. 759 more words


Review: Super Smash Bros N64

Basically everyone I know who loves Video-Games has played a Smash Bros game. It’s so exhilarating playing as any Nintendo character you want to. They’re are a massive selection of characters to play as on the new games, even characters from other games companies. 531 more words


Tanabe Explains Why Metroid Federation Force Received Negative Reaction

Nintendo’s Kensuke Tanabe has explained why he believes that Metroid Prime Federation Force received a negative reaction from fans when it was unveiled during the Nintendo E3 Digital Event. 196 more words


I did it

I started handwriting in my old journal again! I can’t even begin to explain how much different it is than typing on a computer. Actually I can. 553 more words


Sometimes you have to protect yourself

I love you.

and so I don’t text. You got a mind that spirals and whirls and I love it, so let it spiral and swirl… 160 more words

Artwork: Remastered Super Metroid poster with entirely new logo

So, I was able to find the actual artwork for Super Metroid without anything on it. Great! What a find! I moved onto creating brand new logo in vector and applied to it. 38 more words