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I will be finishing my War of the Monsters piece this Sunday. In the mean time, here’s Samus of Metroid fame.


QOTM: Fern Spike 4 - Revenge of the Spores

Pix1001 was the first to wake up in the cave’s chamber. Her stasis capsule hissed open at 15:17 on April 4th 2118…100 years later. They had failed. 990 more words


A Look at the Rise and Power of Female Characters

The Junkee talks about iconic female characters from the 80s and 90s as well as more recent characters. This shows how companies are making some form of progress to include their female audiences.

Happy Monday Novas! Today we will provide another entry into Cupcakes and Machetes Women’s History Month Challenge! In honor of National Women’s History Month, bloggers are providing their own versions of posts dedicated to women in history! 601 more words

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Cosplay Spotlight: Jenni Bon

First name and last initial: Jennifer R.
Where are you from originally or reside currently? Pittsburgh, PA
How long you have been cosplaying? 6 and a half years… 499 more words