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Samus Doll

Another design for the T-shirt contest. I guess I was feeling in the mood for more reserved graphic design because I’m not sure my regular art style would go over well.


Samus Pharan

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Come on, Nintendo. Let Blizzard use this. Just for one skin.

Amber Harris is a freelance artist who has worked in video games and tabletop games. 79 more words


Video: Samus Cameo In Metroid Prime Federation Force Revealed

Like most publications GameXplain have gotten their hands on a review copy of Metroid Prime: Federation Force and the secrets are already leaking. The teams latest video shows a rare but welcome cameo by the one and only Samus Aran. 26 more words


Web Series Review: Glitch - Season One

Hmmm…now it is admirable that this 6-episode web series was Kickstarter funded and was made on a very low budget. That is impressive by any standard and as a show it certainly isn’t bad but nor is it exactly great either. 514 more words

The Disc

The Metroid II Remake Nintendo Doesn't Want You To Play

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AM2R is a full scale remake of 1991’s Game Boy classic Metroid II: Return of Samus. In the works for years, the fan-made game updates the original to modern standards. 56 more words


Metroid Celebrates 30 Years With an Awesome Fan Remake

With the original Metroid debuting on the NES August 6, 1986, the series now has a 30-year long history. But while Nintendo remains unsure where to proceed with the storied franchise, one team of passionate Metroid enthusiasts took it upon himself to give the fanbase what it yearned for – atmospheric side-scrolling action! 391 more words


Happy 30th Anniversary Metroid!

August 6th, 1986 was the day that the first Metroid video game was released for the Famicom and NES. It featured a large open ended world where our hero was charged with the duty of exploring its vast wonders to destroy enemies, find upgrades and overcoming adversity against all odds. 1,562 more words

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