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Metroid Samus Returns

Authors Note: I started doing these quick Metacritic reviews a while ago, and I figured I do some revamped material here for you guys. 

I’ll be honest, when Metroid Samus Returns was announced I was in a combination of excited and scared. 1,047 more words


[ Music to Play Games To ] Metroid Franchise

The Metroid franchise has been a weird one, musically speaking: a lot of the games focus on ambience and tension levels and the games do everything in their power to make sure you go into an area feeling a certain way and I don’t think there’s a single game – with an exception to… 99 more words


[ Discussion ] The Metroid Race

The namesake of the Metroid franchise, the Metroid race is something of an interesting thing: while Nintendo names the franchise by the race your main antagonists in the series are, very rarely, actually the Metroids at all. 764 more words


[ Retro Review ] Metroid 2: Return of Samus

Writer’s Note: This review is written for the Game Boy version and not the independent or official remake.

When this game came out, I was kind of surprised I was even interested. 1,670 more words


RUMOR MILL: New 2D Metroid Game in Development

After a fairly lengthy hiatus, 2D Metroid was back in the spotlight with Samus Returns. Nintendo and MercurySteam partnered together on the 3DS game, which debuted last September. 247 more words