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Samus vs Ryu

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Samus is one of the stronger Nintendo leads and she can fight well from short or long range. That being said, it’s not enough to take Ryu down for the count. 60 more words


Luck Be A Lady Tonight

Developers have been listening over the past few years, and guess what?  Nintendo is making a big splash into the leading ladies realm, and hopefully one we will see lots more of. 377 more words


What Makes Super Metroid Great: 21 Years Later

The waning health of my Super Nintendo has been a double-edged sword.  On one hand, it is quite a sad day indeed when one of your oldest consoles begins to die.  982 more words


Metroid: The Sky Calls Review

I like myself some Metroid. I also like myself some fan films. So while checking my Facebook feed, I stumbled upon a link to Rainfall Films’ … 503 more words

Video Games

Fox McCloud by Jakks Pacific

Over the years, Jakks Pacific’ World of Nintendo 4″ action figure line-up has proven popular and besides making just Mario-universe characters, the Wave 3 series features fighter pilot Fox McCloud.  82 more words


My Samus Figurine Arrived!

My Samus figurine finally arrived!  I very rarely buy myself things like this, but I love Metroid, I love Samus, and I’ve been wanting this figurine for so long that I figured there was no possibility of buyer’s remorse, so I finally went for it and ordered it and it just arrived! 112 more words

Interesting Things

What really seems to make the music on this game stand out is that much like with the original Super Mario Bros., Nintendo was able to craft music that can evoke a feeling in the player as he/she plays it, but unlike SMB where things have a sense of joy to them because of the environments, the music here adds both a touch of tension and foreboding along with the sense of adventure, because as the player makes their way through the different levels he/she gets a sense that they re not alone, and that there is something lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce on them.  58 more words

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