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Space Cake by Clown Shoes brewing

Rating: 5/5

Space Cake by Clown Shoes brewing is a 9% ABV Double India Pale Ale.

Why are Miracle Mike and his dog, Bionic, being chased by many evil laser beam shooting cupcakes and two giant layer cake mother ships?
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Anime Beers :P

Amigos with Amiibos

Nintendo’s NFC experiment, amiibo, has been a wildly frustrating success. They’ve sold like mad, reminiscent of the Beanie Baby craze of a generation ago. On the plus side, I’ve gotten all of the ones I’ve wanted so far. 146 more words


Google publishes, then pulls, video confirming Chromebook Pixel 2 is on the way

We’ve seen evidence recently that Google has a second-generation Pixel Chromebook, but the Mountain View company has finally (seemingly accidentally) confirmed that the machine is on its way. 153 more words


Recent Illustrations and Happy Chinese New Year

I’ve been getting involved in a lot of Sketch Dailies, I find that they generally have great submission titles and are a lot of fun to work on. 85 more words


Musings #5: Samus Aran: Badassest Woman in the Gamverse. Give her some clothes!

This is Samus Aran.

In 1986, when I was 13, I played a game called Metroid at the house of one of my mother’s friends.    I was hooked from the start.  1,059 more words


Amiibo Story: Samus

Samus is one of my favourite Nintendo characters. Sporting iconic armor, an arm cannon and the ability to curl up into a ball and drop rolling grenades, she’s one of the most combat-ready characters in Nintendo’s lineup. 489 more words

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