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They Slash....They Stash....They Always Crawl Back........

Know what’s the similarity between slasher movie villians (Hollywood Boleh!!!) and that of our local politicians (Malaysia Boleh!!!)?

THEY REFUSE TO DIE!!! Despite being riddled with never ending streams bullets, thrown off the building, set on fire, etc…….these persistant mutants from hell never fail to return and haunt their victims…….. 560 more words


MRR2 is falling down...

MRR2 is falling down, falling down, falling down,
MRR2 is falling down,
my fair city,

build it up with banglas in droves,
banglas in droves, banglas in droves, 194 more words


Samyvellu doesn't want to miss the orgy!

Samyvellu, being a true attention seeker and narcisstic person he is, (it takes one to know one) does not to be left out of the fun. 560 more words